Anthropological Survey of India

Anthropological Survey of India which was founded in 1945 in Varanasi shifted to Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) in 1948, is a premier research institute for anthropological research in bio-cultural studies. It is also recognised as one of the most advanced centres for research and training in anthropology and allied disciplines.

History of Anthropological Survey of India

Anthropology section of the Zoological Survey was carved out to become the Anthropological Survey of India (An.S.I) with Dr B.S.Guha as the founding Director, in 1946. The head office was shifted from Banaras to Calcutta in 1948. 

Objectives of Anthropological Survey of India

  • To study the tribes and other communities that form the population of India both from the biological and cultural point of view.
  • To study and preserve the human skeletal remains, both from ancient and contemporary period.
  • To function as a training centre for students in anthropology.
  • To collect, preserve, maintain and document the bio-cultural heritage and the traditional art and craft of the people of India through Anthropological Museums.

Projects of Anthropological Survey of India

Some of the projects undertaken by the Anthropological Survey of India are:

  • Development and Sustainability
  • Man and Environment: Study of Biosphere Reserve of India
  • Bio-Cultural Diversity
  • DNA Polymorphism 
  • Community Genetics and Health
  • Physical Growth and Development of Children 
  • Paleoanthropology (Shiwalik Excavation)

Collaborative Research in Anthropological Survey of India

Collaborations on the National Projects implemented by the AnSI

The collaborating group is to make provision for man power either through students or other researchers to work on the projects of An.S.I. The outcome be it a degree/diploma/dissertation/joint publication should be jointly credited to the efforts of the An.S.I.and the collaborating group, with a mutual consent.

Collaborations on the collaborating group/Institution’s Projects

The facilities of AnSI can be utilized by a collaborating group under the supervision of a technical expert from the An.S.I. The research will be jointly published.

Collaborating Institute and the Survey jointly work on a project and apply for extramural funding

An.S.I and a collaborating group can jointly formulate a project of mutual interest with an extramural funding for manpower as well as consumables.

Fellowship Program in Anthropological Survey of India

Fellowship Programme – Anthropological Survey of India

Anthropological Survey of India, as a part of its policy, has extended facilities to young and promising scholars from all over India to carry out research activities through its fellowship programme. Currently 48 researchers are working on various projects to get to their PhD.              

Junior Research Fellow positions -  30                               
Senior Research Fellow -    15                               
Post-Doctoral Fellowship - 01
Visiting Fellowship - 01
Tagore National Fellow/Scholar - 01


Address Anthropological Survey of India,
27, Jawaharlal Nehru Road
Kolkata - 700016
(West Bengal)
Telephone No.: (033) 2252 1698
Mobile: 9433032127

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