Career Advice For Students After Class 12

Welcome to the next milestone!

You are on a threshold of passing a milestone and leaping forward to the next. However, from this point onward paths are many and surprisingly every path is reaching to the goalpost. Yes, I am talking about you and not a footballer. If you have just completed or waiting for your Class XII examination results you are at the threshold of transformation. You might be experiencing many changes both inside you and world outside. Thoughts of going to college, making new friends, bunking some classes, doing some fun and all those imaginations can really fill anyone with thrills. However, with all this comes a responsibility of completing college course with truly good CGPA and start work life. So before you apply to a well known college in town its mandatory that you think about all possible career choice and go for the one in which you can compete to be better. Remember a competition is thrilling when you like to be part of the crowd and have trust that you can stay distinguished.

Know your stream

Perhaps you already have chosen a career path based on your study stream in Class XI and XII. Suppose you have decide to pursue a college programme then before you go for it ask yourself the following questions
  • What I want to be?
  • Is this the right study stream / right decision that will help me to achieve my goals?
  • In what type of industries I will get employment?
  • How popular is this course? How many students take it?
  • What are the skills this course will teach me?
  • Are those skills employable?
  • What will be the future of the this career choice?
  • What is industry reputation of college I am supposed to join?
  • What will be alternatives in case if I fail for some reasons?
  • Do I have enough funds to pay tuition cost? If not what are choices available?

Chose your stream carefully

I met a guy, he has completed a five year law course from a well know university based out of North-East India. He did so because his maternal uncle suggested, his father put him in a CLAT coaching class and everyone in his family want to see him through black coats. Now after completing 5 years he don't like to gp courts; he simply hate wearing black coats. Results you can understand. Don't chose an study stream under pressure.

Your guardian want you to be successful. They will suggest best options. But what you feeling inside. Speak to your parents, teachers, friends and if needed take help from a qualified professional career counselor.

Remember, apple was falling on earth before Newton too. But he was the one to notice it.

Chose your study stream carefully. Be stupid enough. Do not decide on the basis of stories you heard. College takes whole lot of efforts to complete and you pay for it. So make sure what worth you will get as a return for your efforts and time.

Go for a professional programme

This is important if you want to begin work life right after college. Professional programmes are recognized as a degree as well as technical qualification. So once you get a degree you will have upper hands over traditional courses. However, this is not the rule of the thumb. All depends on you. For example a BSc degree in physics is not recognized as a professional qualification but a degree in civil engineering is a professional qualification. This does not mean physics offers you any less career choices. Whatever course you chose make sure this is of your liking and you can explore much beneath. Do you know, noted Hindi Scholar Dr Kumar Vishwas left engineering course to pursue a career in Hindi Literature. But he has explored beneath and broken many myths before he turned into a celebrity. In general, a professional course is considered better over traditional course but the man behind the course will be you. Chose the one of which you can learn to take full control. 

Alternatives are shining

Google for a Sanjeev Kapoor, A Rohit Bahl, or Amjad Habib! The list is endless. World is much fuller of people who did it different from the tradition. If your interests lies in something different beyond college think over it. Do not take decisions in hurry or based on assumptions. In this era many are bitten by social media bugs. Throughout the day I meet people both online and offline dreaming to become famous Youtuber, Network marketer, Speaker etc, etc. Ironically all such people took decisions based on assumptions and fake stories doing rounds over internet. These is no shortage of career choices without a college a degree. You can find institutions everywhere teaching various skills. However, go for alternative career choice if you feel that you can make a difference in the chosen field.

In doubts, take help from a professional career counselor.

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