Beat the Exam Blues

It’s a common scenario to see batches of class 10 and 12 students to roll out before the dreaded ‘board exams’. So are you nervous too? Biting nails? Don't worry; this is just a phase of life so enjoy it. Until the exams are over and results declared, we have parents, students as well as teachers stressing out of fear and anxiety. Writing the exam is just another exam to get over for some while for some it is so dreadful like a demon. However, this entire uproar over exams and blues brings up a gloomy and sad shadow over examinees, which affects differently to everyone.

There are a lot of parents who feel that their children take a lot of pressure on themselves and which results in unhealthy sleeping and eating habits. Like some would continuously keep on munching chips, chocolates, and other snacks and someone would just start disliking eating which was otherwise their favourite. Although many parents want their kids to do exceedingly well, but at the same they prefer them to remain healthy and free from exam blues.

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  • Have plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables. The pistachio and Walnuts are excellent for the retina and brain.
  • Avoid having heavy meals as it may slow you down both mentally and physically. Go for small meals at regular intervals
  • Get atleast 6 – 7 hours of sound sleep.
  • Practice breathing exercises. The Meditation or the sports activities are also of great help.


  • Avoid having junk food and caffeine and always keep yourself away from fizzy drinks.
  • Never take parental pressure and stay focused on your own goal.
  • Do not keep the revision till the last minute.

Tips on How we can deal with Exam Stress

A Bit of Exercise

A mix of a bit of exercise, fresh air and good food is enough to beat the exam blues. It is seen during exams that the students stay up late nights to complete their syllabus, but the most important thing is to have a good night sleep on time, with at least six to seven hours of sleep. Staying up late nights will make up feel uneasy and stressful throughout the day. Additionally, you should also keep yourself hydrated with water, coconut water, etc. Therefore, power naps and breathing exercises go a long way to deal with exam blues.

Periodical Tests

Taking periodical class tests also ensures that students are free of exam blues and remains familiar with all the subject and do not need to worry about the notes at the last minute.


Never panic and start preparing for the exam with the subject that you love the most. Leave all the worries about what's going to happen and be happy.

Know the Time Management

Time management is another thing that should be taken care of to avoid exam blues. Make a study plan for yourself and stick to it. Know about which subject will need more time or which subject you are weak in. Distribute the time in such a way that each subject is given equal importance and make those targets and achieve them. Also solving previous year’s question papers will help you to learn time management.

Put that Mobile Phone Aside

It is seen that mobile phones play a big role to distract you from your studies. Therefore, switching off the mobile phone for a while will not do you any harm and will rather help you prepare well for the exam so that you can avoid exam blues. Make targets and try to achieve them.

To conclude, exam time is something which may be dreadful for many, but with a smart approach and proper planning, everyone can bypass the exam blues altogether.

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