Advice For Students After Class 10

As a student you are standing at the first important crossroad of your life in Class 10. It is that time of your life when you need to make the most important decision of your life – the stream of study that you wish to pursue. In most cases it is three clear streams – Science, Commerce and Humanities. Choosing your next big step begins with a self analysis. Analyse your characteristics, interests and subjects which you love to study.

Love for the subjects

If you have an analytical bend of mind, love numbers and you can calculate at a good speed, then science could be your cup of tea. If you love marketing, business and economics, then commerce is the best choice for you. If learning about places, studying about past and present and society and politics fascinates your, then Humanities is the best stream for you.

Do not be influenced by your peers

Many children make a mistake of choosing a career in class 11 simply going by the choice of their friends. It is not the right thing to do. Do not be influenced by your friends or classmates. Go by your strong points, and do a SWOT analysis to decide your stream.

Research all the streams

You might be unsure at this level on the subjects you wish to continue for higher studies. On one hand you could be very good in Mathematics while formula and experiments put you off. At the same time, you feel you have knack for business but taxes and policies fly over your head. So research all the available streams and options and then make a concerted decision. 

Consult teachers and experts

If you are unable to decide for yourself, it is best to consult your teachers, parents and even seek advise from education counsellors of your school or elsewhere. Taking online self assessment tests can also help you in analysing your career path. 

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