How to chose career path after class 12?

With dreams in your eyes and thoughts floating in your mind you are now ready to face the toughest challenge in your life – a career after class 12 that will help you sail through the rest of your life. A wrong decision here, an incorrect calculation can shatter your dreams and hopes. Options after Class 12 are galore. But it is what you choose that stands that will make or break your career further. With every day new options opening, it is only but obvious for you to get confused or distracted if you do not have your aim straight and direct.

Research about your chosen field and stream

Though much of the research has probably been done in Class 11, yet it is important that you do a more serious research. Many students opt for a particular stream, because of peer pressure or pressure from parents and family. But now it is your time, to take a call. If you wish to continue with Science, you can opt for Medicine, Engineering or a bachelors degree in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or allied sciences. Students who have taken Life Sciences or Biology but do not wish to pursue medicine, can opt for careers in biochemistry, microbiology or biotechnology. Commerce gives one an option to choose a course in chartered accountancy or a BBA or BCom. Students pursuing humanities have options as wide as advertising, journalism, sociology or even political science and international relations. Talk to your seniors and even teachers who will help to guide you.

Change your stream

This is probably the last time that you can change your stream. Even if you have scored high marks in your chosen stream, you might not be successful as an engineer, doctor or even as a CA. A career is not a subject, it is a passion that one needs to follow. If formula, algorithms and calculations do not interest any longer, take a bold step and move to a career that suits your interest. If you were a good debator in school you can think of a career in law, if you were good in fine arts and theatre, think of a career in the creative field. 

Choose a professional career

One of the most obvious decisions is to choose a professional career. You can opt for any of the professional courses by taking entrance exams after class 12. Many children start preparations form class 11 or even earlier for entrance exams for admission to Engineering and medical courses. However, you can also opt for other professional courses like Mass Communication, Hotel Management, BBA and Law. 

Alternative options

There is no dearth of career opportunities that will not only interest you but also make you successful in life. You just need to widen your horizon and then sky is the limit for you. Some of the alternative careers that you can opt for include Archaeologist, Oceanography, Photography, Physiotherapy, Careers in Spa Therapy and Wellness, Psychiatry, Psychology, Careers in Fashion, Pharmacy, Food Technology, Public Relation, Space Science, Nursing, Video Jockey, Hospitality and Hotel Management, and Social Work.

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