Teenager Career Exploration

Are you a parent of a teenager? This is a crucial phase not only in terms of emotional and physical development but it is also a stepping stone towards a flourishing career. It is only but natural to be worried about your teenager's career. As a parent of a teenager you need to help him with career exploration. Spend sometime on career exploration to help your kids prepare for a successful future.

Career Exploration For Teenagers

Career exploration can open up horizons which can help the teens decide upon their career. The more they talk with you, the more they will know of careers which either they were not aware of or haven’t thought of exploring. It is also important that a teenager makes the right choice of the subjects he wants to specialise further upon. Career thought should be there while making your choice of subjects as that will help you in shaping your future. Many teens are also not too sure of their career and often tries to take the evasive route. It would be a great mistake if a teenager doesn’t discuss the career options as discussion will not only throw open new ventures but also give a reality check. Questions like how much money is needed, how many years of training are required should be taken into consideration before deciding your career.

As a parent your attitude towards your teenager matters a lot. Your role should be limited to helping your teenager find a career that suits him and not select one for him. Do not shoot down your child’s ideas. Instead give him or her a patient hearing and encourage them to do further research if you are not convinced. Do not play the role of a Big Boss.        

Where to Start From?

Start with the dreams of your teenager. Teenagers sometime have impractical ideas. But start talking and ask specific questions so that what might appear absolutely impossible to you might be seem a possible career choice after discussion.

As a teenager if you have a dream, that you are convinced of then note down a few things before proceeding with it:

  • What would your day to day job involve?
  • If your education can match with your career?
  • Do you have the requisite skills to match your career?
  • What are the pros and cons of the career that you have dreamt of?
  • Will this career provide you with the right amount of money?
If you know someone who has followed a similar career, then you can have a candid chat with him or her. You can also talk to the industry people to get a first hand experience of the career. What might look gold  from outside may not be from inside. If there are opportunities, then do not hesitate to volunteer or intern so that you are absolutely sure that is what you want to do in future.

As a parent, you can do the following things to help your teenager select his career:

  • Encourage your teenager to share his dreams with you
  • Keep the conversation going and have all channels of communication open.
  • Lend your support.
  • Help your child identify the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ask your child to start planning from an early stage.

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