Learning Styles of Children

Identify best learning style for him/her and  Tailor-make your child’s learning programs
Once you know the learning style of your child, it becomes much more simpler to design activities and learning programs for your little ones. There are 4 basic ways of learning according to experts:

  • Auditory
  • Visual
  • Kinesthetic

Auditory – Auditory learners learn through listening, talking and participating in discussions. For such children, a written matter is best understood when explained orally. However, auditory learning does not mean making too much noise. Infact too much noise can disturb them. They learn mostly through healthy discussions. They retain information by talking loudly, reading and memorising orally and even by talking to themselves. Auditory learners enjoy group activity rather than individual sports. Auditory learners have better listening skills than visual skills.

Visual - If a child understands and learns through looking and seeing things, then they are strong visual learners. Children who are visual learners observe the body language of teachers and parents and learn through their behaviour. It is therefore important to always have positive expressions on your face as your  little  one will pick up  everything he or she watches. They use pictures and graphics to think and build a scene. School going children (6-10 year old) learn better from written instruction rather than from oral lessons. A visual learner should have pen and paper handy and you  will find them scribbling or doodling things even when they are being taught orally. They understand better by visual demonstration and prefer writing down things for future reference.

Kinesthetic - Children who learn through hands on activities and physical sensation are called Kinesthetic Learners. These children find it difficult to sit at one place for long as they learn best through moving and doing things. Kinesthetic  learners actually love to do what they learned or discussed about. They move their hands while talking. They remember things by recalling things by what was done rather than what they heard. They do not sit at one place but move around while listening and talking.

Though these three are main learning styles of children, there are other styles like logical and analytical. These children learn through exploring patterns. They are very curious and ask questions to understand things. They have an aptitude of solving analytical and mathematical problems at a very young age. They have good logical reasoning skills.

How do you Understand your Child’s Learning Style

Now the big question is how do you understand your child’s learning style. The best possible way to learn about your child’s learning style is to observe what he or she is doing best. If you feel your child is learning by observation or by reading things or by doing then you can determine his or her learning style.

  • Ask your child the types of toys she prefers?
  • Does she enjoy a quiet environment or loves working with other children in groups?
  • Does she like to write own any information or can remember mentally?
  • Does your child enjoy drawing or read books?
  • Is he or she fascinated with numbers and patterns?

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