Right Parenting Style For 3 to 10 year Olds

What is the right parenting tip for your child? This is a very tricky question as what might be right for another child might not be right for your child. After learning about your child’s learning style you can tailor your teaching style. However, designing your teaching style should also be based upon natural traits and learning styles of your child.

Encourage Children to Share Knowledge Regularly

Once your child has acquired some knowledge, motivate them to share the same with you. This will help them with their expression and communication skills. It will also help them to build up their vocabulary.

Keep Children Active

It is very important for both teachers and parents to keep their children active. Remember, that if they are made to sit at one place for long they can become restless and irritable. It need not always be physical activity but it can brain games as well. However, for kindergarten kids, arrange for movement breaks often.

Be Sensitive to Child’s Needs

This is extremely important for a child in this age. If a child who is 8 or 10 year old and wants to stay alone for sometime, you should give her that space. The sense of space develops from a very early stage. If a child is hungry, he should be allowed to eat his snack or lunch even if it is not the lunch time at home. He would be able to concentrate on the given task when he or she is hungry. New teachers might misinterpret unwillingness as stubbornness but one should remember, that instead of lack of words to express their feelings, they might be showing up a rigid front.

Internet Language

For today’s kids who are born in the age of internet teaching them, it is a challenging task. As a  teacher or parent, one should speak their language and become conversant with the technology. For children of the age group of 7 to 10 year old, you can teach by tapping their interest and strengthening their technical skills. As a teacher there you need to have a deep understanding of the tools and how to use them. However, as a parent or a teacher you should stress on the importance of internet safety.

Engaged Learning

Gone are those days when teachers would simply lecture and students paid undivided attention. Teachers now engage in wholesome discussion and encourages active participation from all. The teacher is now more of a facilitator rather than a one man show. It helps in team building and interaction and also helps children become good listeners.

Setting Small Goals

Without being too intrusive, giving small goals or setting small targets isn’t a bad idea even with kindergarten kids. You can also reward them once they complete a milestone. Frequent feedback to parents, can help them to improve. One can take help of charts in classrooms for charting individual development of each child.

Project Based Learning

Children learn best with hands on experience. You can resort to various projects to help them learn. Problem based learning can also be best taught through projects. In this type of learning children are not told what they should learn. Instead they engage children in exploring and uncovering information in a meaningful manner. They are not only fun but highly motivating to kids.

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