Parent Teacher Student Triangle

The triangle consisting of parent-student-teacher plays a vital role in education. It is an equilateral triangle where role of each is same and interconnected with each other. Children absorb information and facts from the very young. For healthy development of the child a conducive environment is also needed. Parents are the first teachers of the children and they provide with life lessons. Parents provide just the right kind of environment they feel that is suitable for their children. Parents are role model of their children. But then comes a time, when children are sent off to school. There they get introduced to their second teachers. But the role of parents does not stop once children start schooling. Infact regular interaction with teachers will help the child to grow and help him or her become a complete individual.

Best ways Parents can Help Teachers

Be Involved – Let the teachers know that as a parent you are involved in your child’s education.  Start by creating a positive relation with the teacher. You need to understand the critical issues and be an excellent consumer of information. As a parent you should be an active participant in your child’s learning process so that you can absorb the teacher’s instructions and implement them as well.

Educate Yourself – Yes you could be educated with many degrees and certificates, but times have changed. You need to educate yourself on the current trends in education and the latest that is being taught in your child’s school. Keep abreast with the latest in learning and teaching methodologies so that you can contribute to the child’s learning process.

Be a companion – You don’t need to be the best friend of your child’s teacher. But you can be a good supportive companion. Remember a teacher just like you can have his or her ups and downs. As a matured adult you need to share your child’s interest, weaknesses and strengths so that she can develop a blueprint for child’s career path.

Best Ways Teachers can Help Parents

Communicate – A teacher should communicate with the parent regularly. One should not wait for the specific parent-teacher day to interact with the parent. If a teacher notices any behavioral problems or academic problems, he or she should immediately inform the parent about it. Keeping a healthy communication with the parents right from the start enables a good bonding with the child as well.

Keeping abreast with school communication – Remember that the parent is not only communicating with the teacher but the school as well. So a teacher should be able to help parents in making connections with others in the school for the holistic development of the child. Do not solely communicate just to impart information. Ensure that you along with the parent and the child have been successful in bringing out a solution that can at the end help your child.

Choose Proper Communication Tools – As a teacher you should use proper communication channel with each parent. Not all will respond in the same manner. While some may be active on emails, others might respond quickly on phones. Some might still want a tradition letter or seek time to meet you personally. Try and understand the psyche of the parent and communicate precisely.

Best Ways Teachers can Help Children

Communicate – Communicate with your students in a way that will help them be comfortable with you. Give your students space so that they can share their thoughts and ideas freely. As a teacher you should be able to identify students who are shy and introvert. Try and engage them in healthy discussion in class.

Encourage your students to work independently – As a teacher you can explain things and work out sums for them, but you should leave scope for older children to analyse and solve problems by themselves. Encourage them to visit school library and inculcate the habit of reading books. Ask them to first solve the problem by themselves before taking help from you.

Set High Goals – Give your students specific targets. Let them work towards it even if it is difficult for them. Motivate your students so they can push themselves to achieve their targets.
Identify skill sets – All children are not the same. Some might be good in academics, while some in arts and  some in sports. As a teacher you should be able to identify the specific skills of all the children and help them excel in those skills.

Best Ways Parents can Help Children

Ask the right questions – A very basic question that we ask our children the moment they return is ‘What did you do in class today?’ You might get answers like ‘Nothing, we just studied or played.’ If we want some concrete answers, questions should be framed in a more interesting manner. For example, if you see a drawing made by your little one, you can ask her to tell you how she did it, what are friends made and what was her teacher’s reaction. For older children, you need to adopt a different strategy like discussing your day at work and then asking about his day at work.

Avoid Comparison – Every child is unique. So avoid comparing your child with other children and their peers. You might think that your child might be learning from their friends but it might work the other way round. Concentrate on their weakness to improve upon them but focus on their strengths as well. As a parent praising your kid could be a little tricky. We tend to appreciate the child only when he or she succeeds, but it is more important to appreciate the efforts even if he or she hasn’t succeeded.

Establish regular contact with your child’s teacher It is important as a parent that you establish regular contact with your child’s teacher. If your child has some learning difficulty or is hyperactive, let the teacher know well in advance. Best way to know more about your child is to interact with the teacher. Help your child overcome the problems that he or she is having in school with close discussion.

Volunteer in school – You can always find out time to volunteer in your child’s school. There  are several ways in which you can contribute like helping the teacher prepare for annual function or sports day or volunteer to help in school picnics.

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