Stress - Causes and How to Cope With It

Unwittingly, stress has become an integral part of our lives. And it can affect anybody – from children to adults, from men to women and so on. One of the biggest communities to be affected by stress is the student community. Students often as young as 10 year olds suffer from stress and peer pressure. Constant pressure to perform and the stress to be at the top affects the health of the students. But then what are the reasons for the stress. Is it always because of peer pressure or parental pressure? Let’s analyse some of the reasons that causes the stress:

Causes of Stress Among Students

Self Discipline

One of the most common causes of stress among students especially among college students is being unorganised. Most children move out of home during their college days and find it difficult to manage on their own. Simple things like keeping books, files and papers and even stationery in order becomes a big task. The problems intensify if the student lives in a hostel and has to even manage his or her food and laundry. Having things in its proper place, neatly labelled and sorted will not only calm you down but will help you when you need important papers and books in a short notice.


Just straight out of school, workload seems to be a big hurdle for those in college. Since college it is not just exams and class tests, one also has to juggle with multiple assignments, projects and assignments. If the student does not plan his or her day diligently, then it would be very difficult to manage the stress. Even children in school undergo a lot of stress these days in school. Unnecessary competition to perform each day in school, put in a lot of pressure to the young minds. 

Time Management 

The earlier a child learns time management the better it is. Most children suffer from stress because they are unable to manage time. School children are busy with too many activities at the same and find themselves just shifting from one class to another. For college students, they get preoccupied with lot of other things like relationships and social networking. These prevent them from prioritizing their work. 

Poor Eating Habits

Children don’t realise but eating right is very important. Not only is it a necessity at this age, as it strengthens bones and muscles but it also gives you the much needed energy. Instead of having fried foods and soda which dehydrates you, one should concentrate on eating the right kind of food. Foods which are energy giving like fruits, fish and eggs should be consumed in greater quantities. One should also have loads of water to keep the mind fresh.

Social Stress and Relationships

This is an added problem of the 21st century. Social networking is almost carried on by most youngsters 24x7. Making friends with strangers, falling in love and then falling out adds to the already existing pressure and stress of the children. Children at this age are also susceptible to habits like drinking and smoking which they feel acts as a stress buster but actually enhances it. 

School and College Environment

If the school does not provide a child friendly environment, then a child can retreat in his or her shell which can result in stress. If there are bullies in school or college, then it can cause a lot of stress among students. 

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How to Cope With Stress


The age old tradition practised by elders is one of the best ways of coping with stress. You just need to close your eyes for at least 10 minutes and keep yourself away from any outside interference. Good breathing techniques with relax your brain and help you calm down. 


Practising a sport regularly will not add make your muscles flexible but will also help you to reduce stress. Not any hard exercise but regular walk of 15 minutes daily will also help you refresh. Exercise releases endorphins which brings in a positive change in the mood. 

Take regular breaks

This really helps especially during the time of the exams. Take short breaks in between to ease the stress. Go for short walks, listen to music or read a book. You can even go  out with your friends or cousins and talk about things that you love. 

Take yourself off from social networks 

Even if it is for a short while, you should remain signed off from the facebook. This will not stress you out and help you to relax. Though social networking is good but it can prove a hindrance too especially at times when you need to relax. 

Healthy Diet

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and increasing intake of juices will keep you fresh and hydrated. Juices are good for the immune system that will help to control your stress. Health snacks in between will also help to ward off stress. 

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