How to Cope with Parental Pressure

All parents wants the best for their children, but anger and frustration crops up when the expectation level increases to a great extent and then ‘what is best’ for their children doesn’t really match with the expectation. As a result, the parents start pressuring them without even realizing it.

Remain Calm

Remaining calm and composed is something which is always very helpful. Even if it is the tenth time that you mother has been telling you the same things to score good marks in your exam or why don’t you devote more time to study, remain calm. There is no point getting into a screaming match, but if you seriously want your parents to listen to what you have to say, make it is important to say it in a reasonable tone. Therefore, remaining calm will also convey certain things to your parents about you.

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They are-

  • That you are matured enough to discuss things and take a decision.
  • They parents will give a serious thought to what you have said.
  • Will be more willing to listen to your opinions during any further this discussion.

Know Your Argument

Be confident about what to say to your parents and also make sure that you know your argument and present it in a manner that will convince your parents. The various aspects of a convincing argument always remain the same:

  • In case you want to pursue English honors after class 12 instead of medical, keep reminding them that you only want pursue English honors and not any other subject to experiment with your career, convince them with your English marks and your willingness about the subject.

  • Sometimes it is the other way round that you want to pursue medical course after class 12 but didn’t get through the entrance test. Do not hesitate to drop a year and appear again for the entrance test. If you can explain this to your parents that you understand their desire for you to go for a BSc. Degree instead of dropping a year, but still showing them more relevant statistics and numbers which shows people take a gap year to pursue their desire career can help you.

Take Expert’s Advice

It is always very important to take expert’s advice from someone with whom you can share your problem and can expect a good solution. Be it a family member who is used to the way your parents' minds work, a counselor or your favourite teacher or coach, it is important to take their valuable advice on how to tackle a particular situation.

Be Willing to Compromise

It is unrealistic to always expect things to get your way all of the time. When your parents pressure you, you should understand that they do so because may be they were passionate about the subject but due to some reason couldn’t pursue. Hence by being willing to compromise, show your parents that you understand at least some of their passion.

Parent pressure can sometimes make your life a living hell, but following these handy tips can lessen your pressure to a great extent and hold yourself tight because this is just a phase of life and shall soon pass by!

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