Should Parents Help With Homework

Finding that perfect balance when you are helping the kids with homework is very difficult. There may be certain questions that come into your mind - what kind of parental involvement is good or how much involvement of the parents truly helps children with their homework? And the answer is to be somewhat but not overly involved in homework. The more emphasis should be given on helping the children to do their homework by themselves rather doing it for them. However, the involvement of parents in helping their children with homework also depends upon the child’s age. The nursery students who are doing their homework for the first time may need more direct involvement than someone studying in class 6.

The home works are the best way to make the children learn and revise which was taught in class and the results are visible in the grades. Hence, spending more time on homework can help them do better academically than those children who don't spend time on homework.

Given below are the skills that a child develop after doing the homework on their own:

Organizational skills - Helps build confidence in the child that can master upon what they need to learn and do.

Time-management skills - Helps the child to become an expert in the time management skills. It makes them complete their work without even feeling too much pressure.

Active study strategies - The home works helps the child to build their own study strategies. It also helps them to self evaluate their own weaknesses.

Here are a few pointers for parents to keep in mind to help the children excel at homework by-
  • Creating a time table for them to do the homework;
  • choosing the best place in the house for them to do their homework;
  • removing all the distractions that hamper in their studies;
  • having resources and supplies handy;
  • monitoring their everyday assignments; and
  •  providing them with the proper guidance
Therefore, instead of actually doing the homework for the child, the focus should be on talking about the assignment and explaining them so that the child finds it easy to figure out what needs to be done to do the homework perfectly. Once the child can completed the homework, it is also very important for the parents to review the assignment, as this makes them feel very confident.

Let Your Child Take the Lead

This is important point that every parents should keep in mind. Letting your child to take the lead is helping them to tackle the most difficult home tasks. Taking care of certain small things like, not opening the child’s backpack and pulling out the homework book and rather asking the child to do it will help him to grow and become perfect. Remember this is not your job but it’s your child’s job.

Talk to your child and ask about the things that were taught in the class and if there are any new assignments coming. Give them a chance to explain about the assignments, rather than reading it on your own from the school dairy and this will help him get more involved with the studies and help him build interest.

After consulting with the child, set a time table for them to do the homework. Give importance to the schedule that is suggested by your child but if you feel that it not going right and more than required time is spent on homework, immediate change it.

Create a Productive Homework Environment

Choosing the right place in the house for your child to do the homework is something very crucial and be sure that the area is free of distractions like the computer, laptop or a TV that may hamper on his concentration and as a result he/she will take more time in doing their homework.

It is also the duty of the parents to keep all the things handy for the kids that are required for homework like - pencils, paper, calculators, pens, rulers , compass, protractors, etc.

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