How to score a perfect 10 CGPA in CBSE Class X

The CBSE class 10 board exams are fast approaching and every big accomplishment starts with a decision to try. So, for the students who are going to appear for these board exams, this is the ‘make-or- break’ period! If they manage time well and study strategically, they can achieve what they want.

 Quick tips to score CGPA 10
  • History - Remember the dates.
  • Geography - Geographical Stats, Important points.
  • Science - Concentrate on Physics diagrams, Chemical Reactions, Different figures of body structure, Properties.
  • Mathematics - Practice Equations, Remember Formulae and Theorems.
  • Economics and Political Science - Work out on definitions and examples with their stats.
  • Languages – Grammar and a thorough reading of the lesson at least for 3 times.
  • Projects: Use various unique and creative ways that stands out from the assignments of other students. For example: draw pictures instead of pasting one, use more bullets to describe the points, etc.

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How to calculate CGPA for Class 10

Step 1: Add grade points
To calculate the CGPA, add the grades received in 5 subjects.
For ex:
Grade points for 5 subjects are: Subject 1: 10, subject 2: 10, subject 3: 10, subject 4: 10, subject 5: 10
Add them: 10 10 10 10 10 = 50

Step 2: Divide the sum by 5 i.e. 50/5 = 10

Therefore, Overall CGPA is 10

Even though grades for IX and X are visible in the separate boxes in the result, they are not combined for CGPA.

Tips on How to get CGPA 10 in CBSE Class 10?

The CBSE class 10 consists of:
  1. Two Formative Assessments
  2. Two Summative Assessments
The Formative Assessments contribute 40% to the marks whereas the Summative Assessments contribute sixty percent to the CBSE Class 10 final scores.

There is no shortcut to success. If you want to score a perfect 10 CGPA, a lot of hard work along with proper planning is something that is required. Along with a A1 in all subjects i.e., above 81 out of 90 you must complete all the assignments contributing to the two formative assessments and two summative assessments. For the Formative Assessments try and use various creative ways that makes you assignment stand out from those of other students. For example: draw pictures instead of pasting one, use more bullets to describe the points, etc. Hence, a unique approach to complete these assignments can help you score excellent marks.

For the Summative Assessments, you are required to give equal time to all the subjects. Consulting the NCERT books is something very important for every student as most part of the theory exams comes from these. Hence NCERT books will be enough for you to score a 10 CGPA.

Another interesting fact for you to know is that, if in all the FAs you get 10 band and score A1 in other scholastic indicators then your theory grade in any of two subjects can be upgraded and if you get 9 band in the FAs and A1 in half of the scholastic indicators then the theory grade in any one subject will get upgraded. So apart from study, you must concentrate on games, your overall behavior in school, with teachers, neat notebooks, etc. to get A1 grade in all the papers.

Also to mention that same process is for ninth class and the grades of ninth also added to final total.

Other Important Tips
  1. Finish your studying tasks on a daily basis
    The daily studies should be done on a daily basis and it should not keep postponing. Hence, the students should have that determination that they will finish a task on the very same day it is supposed to be done and that should be the main policy of every candidates appearing for CBSE Class 10 exams.

  2. The more you revise, the better it is!
    While preparing for class 10 examinations, simply just preparing the daily lessons won’t be sufficient to score good marks, hence along with regular studies, revision is something which comes hand in hand. Therefore, revising the things thoroughly and on a regular basis will you memories and understand the things better. It is same as engraving a beautiful drawing on a solid rock. For physics and mathematics formulas should be revised as much as you can as getting excellent scores in these papers will help you get a CGPA of 10.

  3. Take tests regularly
    It is the most important thing for class 10 candidates to take as many practice tests as possible. Try and gather previous year’s question paper sets and do an honest assessment of your preparations and further do an honest evaluation. After doing the evaluation, it is important to take the best measures to make the corrections improving your performance. Hence, these self assessments should keep continuing until the last 5 days ahead of the board exams.

  4. Revision can’t be ignored
    It is really crucial for every candidates to remember revising again and again. Generally students tend to commit this mistake and forget about revising the chapters altogether. Even after the tests and evaluations, the revision should continue till the last moment before the exam.

  5. Avoid getting Burnout
    What is meant by burnout? When a person involves in various activities for an excess amount of time, he/she naturally gets tired. This is called burnout. This applies to exam stress and studies as well. The candidates should know how to maintain their study time and time for relaxing. Therefore, involving yourself in various stress busting activities like indulging in your favorite hobby, , travelling with family, enjoying and celebrating festivals, hang out with friends occasionally will help you stay out of stress and hence help you study and score well in the class 10 board exams.

  6. Good friends and Group studies
    The productivity of group studies highly depend upon the group members. Each and every members of the study group should be devoted to studies and serious about their exams. Group studies with someone very good in studies always gives fruitful results. You should also take group studies as an opportunity to share what you have learned and that will help your friends to analyze and rate your performance and vice-versa. One of the biggest advantages of group studies is that you’ll come to know of your weak points easily and will be able to devote more time on the weak areas. Thus, group studies always help each other to strengthen their weak points!

  7. Eat healthy
    Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is something that should be taken care of by every Class 10 candidates. Because, you are what you eat! If you unhealthy food, you become unhealthy! Always try and eat balanced diet which includes fresh fruits, full of green vegetables, fish, dairy products, eggs, meat, etc.

  8. Be Cool! Its only an Exam
    ‘Fear for the Boards’ can never give you good results. Always be cool and try meditating and remember that it is just another school exam.

  9. Which books to study?
    The NCERT books are always helpful to score a CGPA 10 in CBSE class 10 exams. A thorough study of the whole book is something that every candidate should follow as most of the theory questions come from the NCERT books. However, some very good reference books include Lakhmir Singh for Chemistry, HC Verma for Physics and RD Sharma for Maths.

  10. Self confidence
    The self confidence that “I will score a perfect 10 CGPA” is something that matters a lot. The first key to success is a self trust that you have all the qualities to score good grades in CBSE Class 10.

  11. Pre – planning
    A good planning before your exam is something very important. A planned and strategic approach to your studies is the key to score a 10 CGPA. Analyze upon what marks you'd expected and how much you've scored in the self assessment tests.

  12. Other competitive exams help you analyze yourself
    Preparing for the future competitive exams from now can help you boost your self-confidence. Various tests like Olympiads, NTSE, and other talent search examinations should never be avoided. Appearing in such tests can help you to prepare you mentally to face the board exams and later move outside the comfort of one’s school life.

  13. Avoid Pressure
    Never feel pressurized by anything or anyone. Always remember the point to study for yourself and not for your parents, teachers or friends. Just put in your best efforts and hard work and remember the fruits reaped of your hard work will benefit you.

  14. Instincts matter
    Believe in your instincts. If you believe you need more time to study physics, do so.
Best of Luck! For your future endeavors!

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