How to Make a Career Choice

The toughest job is to choose a job…rather a career.  It is the biggest dream of any individual to have a career of one’s choice. Career counsellors, teachers, experts, resources on the net, library and from newspapers – one is flooded with information. It is important that before choosing the right career, you should absorb all the information and knowledge that you can get hold of, but at the end it should be your decision after weighing the pros and cons.

Before making that move, ask yourself the following questions:

Will the career afford me a good job?

When opting for a career especially out of the box ones like that of writer, painter, sports person, or a photographer, you should also think of its job prospects as well. These are risk taking careers and you might not be have a guaranteed income. But if you are determined and you know where and how you can earn your livelihood, nothing is better than choosing a career that interests you most. If you are a creative person, it would be unfair if you opt for a career that might guarantee you money but not happiness. So check out for job opportunities for offbeat careers which are now available in every field.

Are you looking for challenges or a simple and secured career?

A career should not be monotonous. But if you do not love challenges and surprises in your career, you can stick to the basics. However, not all careers give one opportunities or throws new challenges every day. But if you are satisfied at the end of the day with what you are doing, you  should go ahead with it, But for a progressive career, you should learn to accept challenges and overcome them.

Do you have the required qualifications for the career?

No matter how much you love flying, you cannot become a pilot if you do not have the qualification, you simply can’t opt for it. Similarly you need to have studied science and mathematics to have a career in engineering or life sciences for a career in medicine and nursing.

Is your career choice parental pressure or peer pressure?

Do not succumb to any pressure – be it from the parents or from the peer group. Following your friends blindly is a very common thing among youngsters. But what career might suit your friend might not suit you. Don’t opt for something simply because it is glamorous. At the same time, though it is good to accept suggestions of parents since they have the experience but if your father is a doctor, you need not have to be one. You can discuss the issue with your parents and let them know that of they are successful at one career, you might not have the same success.

How much time can you devote?

If you want to start your career immediately then you cannot opt for those courses for which you have to devote several years. So before your set sail, make sure that your career does not require too many years of study. Instead of a degree you can opt for certificate course that will help you give that quick start. 

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