Tips for Students Preparing for ICSE Class 10 Examination

A large section of students appear for the ICSE Board's exams every year. It is considered as one of the toughest board exams faced by the students at class 10 in India, with being totally different the way the questions they put to the students. But, with special care and attention and adapting themselves to the special methods to prepare for the ICSE Class 10 examination, it becomes easy for them to score excellent marks and come out with flying colors.

Tips to Prepare for the Class 10 ICSE Board Exam

It’s a known proverb that 'There are no short cuts to success'. It applies to each and every student while preparing for the Class 10 ICSE Board exam. One has to put in a lot of hard work to perform well in these exams. Given below are few points which every Class 10 ICSE Board exam candidates should take care of:
  1. It is very important for the student to be attentive to the teacher in the classroom. Therefore, those running notes while the teacher is explaining the lesson can work wonders for you to score good marks in the subject. Clearing off the doubts from the teacher then and there in the classroom is also an important aspect the student has to follow if they want to excel in their ICSE Board Class 10 examination.

  2. The daily studies should be done on a daily basis and a thorough reading of the topic with good understanding is very essential to learn and perfect themselves in the subject. Delaying the studies and keep it for the last moment can never bring success in the ICSE Class 10 board exams.

  3. You should work and score good marks in the small unit exams of every subject that is conducted by the ICSE schools. Therefore this helps you to prepare well for the final exam and scoring well in the small units also indicates that you have understood the topics well. It also becomes a self evaluation test for you and if you are not able to do well in these small units then you get a chance to get yourself corrected and also rectify the mistakes that you are doing with the help of the concerned teachers. Additional time should be devoted to a particular subject if you find it tough.

  4. A good overall understanding about a particular subject as well as the basic concepts of the topics is very essential for the students because almost the whole question paper is set on these lines. Hence, the running notes during the class and the key points that are given at the end of every topic in the text book help a lot to answer every question brilliantly.

  5. The question paper may sometimes comprise of essay type questions covering the entire topic which were short questions in the previous year’s question papers. Therefore, one has to be thorough with the whole topic rather than studying just a few parts of it. You should aim to attempt the entire question paper to get full marks.

  6. Setting a proper study program routine for all the subjects which end well before 30 days of the final examination is always very beneficial. The study program should be prepared in such a way that every subject is touched every week. Devoting more time to the subjects that you find tough doesn’t mean that the easy ones are completely ignored.

  7. It is always good to have those brief notes and important points handy about a particular subject. This way it becomes easy for you to learn and remember a topic easily and also proves a great help during the time of revision.

  8. The previous 10 years question papers of the ICSE Board should be attempted by the students to understand the type or mode of questions that are asked in the final examination. You should answer the questions within the stipulated time to also get a good practice about the time management techniques.

  9. Other than the preparation, the students should also know about how well he/she presents the answer script. The final result of the student depend not only how well he or she prepares but also how well the presentation is. Neatly written to the point questions with correct key words will help you to score maximum marks. The well presentation of the answer scripts can be practiced while solving the previous year’s question papers.

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Subject Wise Preparation Tips for ICSE Board Class 10 Exam

There are certain important parts in every subject on which the concentration should be more to achieve good score and grades. Given below are subject wise preparation tips for students to prepare well in various subjects of ICSE board exams.
  1. English

    Good at grammar and vocabulary are some of the factors that help to score well in the English I and II papers. You will have to concentrate on your writing skills and how well you can make use of good English while writing the answers is also very important to excel in the English paper. Devote time to read the poetry and prose parts of the text books as many times as possible so that it becomes easier for you to write the answers fluently.

  2. Language II

    Scoring good marks the Language II paper highly depends upon the quality of English that you use to construct your answers. They should be free of grammatical errors and should be beautifully written with excellent vocabulary to attract the examiner.

  3. Mathematics

    Mathematics is one subject where you can score the maximum marks that will help you to get a good aggregate. Concentrating on topics like Statistics, Constructions, etc. can help you to score good marks. All the formulae should be kept handy and should practice well the various model problems of each topic to do the sums quickly without any mistakes.

  4. Science

    The ICSE Board Science subject comprises of three papers- Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Concentrating on the basic concepts, definitions, experiments, etc. can be useful if you want to score well in the science paper. For the physics paper, the students must be thorough with the numerical problems and derivations. For the Chemistry paper, students must devote time in writing the structural formula of chemical compounds, solving numerical problems in Chemistry, balancing chemical equations, etc. For the Biology paper, the students must devote time in studying the technical terms that are used in various topics, representation of diagrams, structural organization of various parts of human body and plants, functions of the various parts of the human body and plants, functional mechanism of various parts of the human body and plants, etc.

  5. Social Sciences

    The ICSE Board Social Sciences subject comprises of two papers- Geography and History & Civics. More importance should be given on understanding the various topics in history and Civics instead of just learning them by heart. The map work in the Geography paper should be practiced thoroughly, as that will help you to score maximum marks.

  6. Computer Application

    Students who wish to score excellent in this subject has to be thorough with the Java program writing aspect. The various models of the programs should be practiced by the student again and again to make them perfect and this practice the student also in the theory paper to develop the skill of writing any type of programs.

  7. Environmental Education

    To study the Environmental Education paper, you should make the maximum use of the text book to learn the various technical terms that are used. Being thorough with the text book can also help you use these terms fluently while writing the examination. It is also important to know the meaning of the technical terms to do well in answering short questions.

Importance of Projects in ICSE Class 10 Examination

Every paper in the ICSE Class 10 Examination carries twenty percent marks for project works. Hence, scoring excellent marks in the project can help you score well in the aggregate. The projects are evaluated by the internal and external and internal examiners. Hence, a neatly and sincerely done project has every scope of getting maximum marks.

Tips to follow on the day of examination

  1. Atleast seven hours of sleep is a must before the examination. A good sleep on the previous night will help you to be confident and fresh to the examination hall.

  2. The ICSE Board allots 15 minutes time to read the question paper. Utilize this 15 minutes to understand the questions decide upon the questions that you are going to answer first.

  3. Allocating proper time to each section of the question paper without leaving any question unanswered is something that should be taken care of. Therefore, time management here plays an important role to help you score maximum marks in every paper.

  4. The questions should be answered to the point and correct key words should be provided in the answers to score full marks.

  5. The correct question number should be provided in the answer sheet for which you are writing the answer; otherwise even if you write the best answer, you may lose marks if you do not put the question number correctly.

  6. There can be a situation when you may not know the answer, but do not get nervous but concentrate to do justice to all the other questions that you know very well. The last minute changes to the answers should always be avoided as that may make your answer script look untidy and you may lose many marks.

  7. You should avoid taking any oily food or heavy meal before the exam as that may make you feel uneasy and sleepy. Therefore, it is advisable to always have light meal before attending an exam.
So these are the few things that you should take care of if you are a Class 10 ICSE Board candidate for next year.

All the best!!

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