Civil Services in India

Civil services are today considered as a prestigious career by the youngsters. The India Civil Services examination which is conducted by the UPSC board is one of the toughest exams in the country to crack. Despite this, hundreds of youngsters apply each year to join the coveted services. But why do people despite failures are attracted to this examination. Is it the prestige, the idealism, the power, or the status. Perhaps a bit of all of this! The dreams of the new recruits are tied up with those of millions of people whose voices are never heard by us.

After completing graduation, one of the major exams that youngsters prepare for are Civil Services. It provides stability, security and respect that no other job can. The pay and perks of the civil services are great and one can also earn benefits, and incentives in the form of bonus and the salary too gets increased after a particular period. The job has also maintained respect in the society and is an important part of the government. They help to maintain the working of the nations and helps establish peace and security in all fields.

The major civil service exams are:

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