Indian Foreign Service

The Indian Foreign Service is the administrative diplomatic civil service under Group A and Group B and officers are selected after the Civil Services exam. The members of the IFS represent the country in the international territory. The IFS is unlike other civil services as it deals with the country's external affairs like diplomacy, trade and cultural relations. The role of an IFS officer is a very promising and a challenging one. An IFS officer is thus a very important thread for India who plays vital role in shaping Indian foreign policy and building all diplomatic and economic ties with countries 

Roles and Responsibilities of IFS Officers 

  • Deals with diplomacy, trade and cultural relations of the country 
  • Representing India in its embassies, high commissions, consulates and multilateral organizations 
  • Protecting India’s national interests in the country
  • Improving and promoting friendship between India and the country that the officer is posted in 
  • Representing India on international forums and platforms and in the countries they are appointed, 
  • Maintain economic cooperation between India and other countries 
  • To constantly keep updating Indian MEA office, about recent developments

A Foreign Service Officer begins his career abroad as a Third Secretary and is promoted to Second Secretary as soon as he is confirmed in service. Subsequent promotions are to the levels of First Secretary, Counsellor, Minister and Ambassador/High Commissioner/Permanent Representative. Officers can also be posted to Indian Consulates abroad where the hierarchy (going upwards) is Vice-Consul, Consul and Consul General.

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