Careers in Agriculture

Are you thinking of a career in agriculture? If it hadn’t struck you yet, there is still time for you to consider it. Most of the industries, directly or indirectly are connected with agriculture. The leather seat of the chair that you are sitting upon and reading the article or the paper that you are reading, all the products are derived from agriculture. Agriculture is not only about production of food and grains, many agriculture dependent industries get its vital raw materials from agriculture.

Gone are the days when agriculture was just meant for farming and irrigation. Agriculture like other careers in media and communication or health and biosciences have undergone massive technological changes. Many work as agricultural scientists, agricultural journalism, plant pathology, dairy technology and poultry farming.

If you have a science background and interested in experimenting, you can opt a career as an agricultural scientist. Agribusiness is also a huge career option in this field. People with a business background can find employment as marketing and merchandising specialists, sales representatives, agricultural economists, accountants, finance managers, and commodity traders. 

Scope of Agricultural Careers in India

The every growing agriculture industry offers several career options to agricultural professionals. Entrepreneurship in this field can reap rich rewards while salaried jobs with various government and private concerns also provides a regular and secured income. Agriculture professionals can seek employment in both Central and State Government ministries. Some of the places where agricultural professionals can find jobs include agricultural finance corporation,research institutions rural banks, Krishi Vigyan Kendras, Agro - Industry Sector, Agricultural universities and various agricultural service organizations. Their work profile involves pest control, fieldwork control of plant diseases, food science and nutrition, conducting surveys and reports etc. Horticulture, dairy and poultry farming, agricultural journalism,  floriculture, fishery, etc are some of the areas offering good career potential. 

The Department of Agriculture in every state appoints gazetted officers like District Agriculture Officer, Assistant Director of Agriculture through the State Service Commission (SSC). The recruitment to the post of Agricultural Development Officer (ADO) or Block Development Officer (BDO) is also through entrance examination conducted by public service commission.

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