Aerospace Engineer

If aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles thrills you, and taking challenges is something you enjoy the most, then aerospace engineering is the career option for you. The aerospace engineering gives you an opportunity to work on rigorous mathematical and computational formulae as well as, with sophisticated machines to solve the space mysteries and use the existing ones for technological and humanitarian benefits.

Role of an Aerospace Engineer

They formulate new engineering techniques to be used in spacecrafts, defense systems and aviation and avionics. Aerospace Engineers are skilled in areas like aerodynamic fluid flow; structural design; guidance, navigation, and control; instrumentation and communication, robotics, or propulsion and combustion. They also receive training in  designing different types of aerospace machinery, for example commercial aircrafts, helicopters, warplanes spacecraft, satellites, launch vehicles, rockets and missiles. The work of an Aerospace Engineer is multidisciplinary. An Aerospace Engineer on work may be involved with the following types of activities-
  • Involve in estimation of aerospace projects and proposals for technical feasibility and commercial aspects.
  • Helping with design, building and testing of aircrafts, spacecrafts and other aerospace machinery.
  • Design assessments to make sure that the product complying the engineering standards, environmental requirements and users demands.
  • To oversee total quality control of aircrafts, spaceships and space machinery to ensure that the end product meets the quality standards.
  • Inspection of faulty machinery to find the source of problem and solution.

Skills Required for an Aerospace Engineers

Academic requirement: Academically you need minimum bachelor’s degree i.e. B.E/B.Tech/B.S or equivalent from a recognized institute to start career as an aerospace engineer. The bachelor’s degree in engineering is a 4year program offered to those candidates who have completed K-12 standard of education with physics, chemistry and mathematics. Working with rigorous mathematical and computational formulae and understanding the dynamics of physics are some necessary trait to enroll in a bachelor’s program in aerospace engineering.

To join postgraduate degree programs like MS, M.Tech and Ph.D etc universities ask for score in standardized test followed by essay test and personality interview. Minimum qualification to join masters level program and higher is graduate qualification in aerospace engineering and related discipline.

To be successful in career one needs to possess the following personality traits:

Analytical skill requirements- Aerospace Engineer must possess sound analytical skills to understand the working circumstances of the aerospace machine and its design, to suggest alternatives for different environments.

Business Skills Requirements- Aerospace Engineer must be good in numbers to predetermine what a project will cost and how a company or government will benefit from it.

Critical Thinking Abilities- Aerospace Engineer must be able to think under what circumstances designs, materials and end product or project may fail and what should be alternative options in case of a glitch or failure.

Team Worker- Aerospace Engineer works in team, he / she must need to be a good team worker, able to learn and make others learn in work environment.

Writing Skills- Aerospace Engineer works in a team with other professionals like mechanical engineer, computer engineer, electrical engineer etc. They should have good writing skills  to write clear papers and make designs which other team workers could fully understand.

Scope of Aerospace Engineers in India

Job opportunities for these engineers are available in Airlines, Air Force, Corporate Research Companies, Defence Ministry, Helicopter Companies, Aviation Companies. Some of the top recruiters in this space are Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Civil Aviation Department, Air India, India Space Research Organization (ISRO) and others.  Aerospace engineers can work as: 

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