Chemical Engineer

The working area of chemical engineers is broader in comparison to other engineering professionals like civil or computers, for this reason, sometimes chemical engineers are also called as universal engineers. A chemical engineer applies knowledge of chemistry, physics, mathematics, materials and engineering to solve a problem. The study of chemical engineering involves design, builds and machines operations where loads of chemical reactions occurs to produce new products.

Role of a Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineers are responsible for building designs, formulating new processes, developing new instruments and facilities etc. for an environment where loads of chemical reactions occurs at a time. The chemical engineers helps in following segments of industrial activities- atomic science, polymers, paper, dyes, drugs, plastics, fertilizers, foods, petrochemicals etc. Chemical Engineers formulate new methods to produce new materials from raw natural and artificial materials both cost effective as well as environment friendly. A chemical engineer can contribute to any scientific or engineering fields.

Skills Required for Chemical Engineers

Academic requirement: Academically you need minimum bachelor’s degree i.e. B.E/B.Tech/B.S or equivalent from a recognized institute to start career as a chemical engineer. The bachelor’s degree in engineering is a 4year program offered to those candidates who have completed K-12 standard of education with physics, chemistry and mathematics. Working with rigorous mathematical and computational formula and understanding the complex chemical reactions are some necessary trait to enroll in a bachelor’s program in chemical engineering.

To join postgraduate degree programs like MS, M.Tech and Ph.D etc.universities ask for score in standardized test followed by essay test and personality interview. Minimum qualification to join masters level program and higher is graduate qualification in chemical engineering and related discipline.

Personal Skills

To be successful in career one needs to possess the following personality traits:

Analytical skill requirements- Chemical Engineer must possess sound analytical skills to understand the working circumstances of the chemical production industries.

Business Skills Requirements- Chemical Engineer should be good in numbers to predetermine what a project i.e., production of a substance will cost and how a company or government will benefit from it.

Critical Thinking Abilities- Chemical Engineer should be able to think under what circumstances designs, materials and end product or project may fail and what should be alternative options in case of a glitch or failure. Chemical Engineers work in highly sensitive environment where a small glitch may cost you life within no time.

Team Worker-
Chemical Engineer works in team, he / she must need to be a good team worker, able to learn and make others learn in work environment.
Writing Skills- Chemical Engineer works in a team with fellow engineers and other coworkers. They should have good writing skills to write clear papers which other team workers could fully understand.

Scope of Chemical Engineers in India

In the government sector, chemical engineers are employed to solve environmental problems such as waste and water treatment and environmental regulations and recycling. The also seek employment in the energy sector such as energy conservation and research on alternate energy sources and health-related research projects. They are also employed in service industries such as scientific research and development services, particularly in fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Other work areas of chemical engineers include food processing, explosives manufacturing, coal preparation and mineral processing, chemical process industries such as fertiliser industry, including herbicides,  pesticides and dyes, paint, steel and aluminum production. Among the manufacturing industries, pharmaceuticals provide the best opportunities for chemical engineers.

ONGC, Reliance Industries Ltd., Essar Oil Limited, Gujarat Gas Company Limited, Indo Gulf Fertilizers Ltd, Coromandel Fertilizers Limited are the common employers of chemical engineers.

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