Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineers make out solutions to standardize production procedures to minimize waste of materials, energy, machines, materials, information and human resources in production. They apply engineering aptitude starting from manufacturing process to business administration.

An industrial engineer build efficient systems to move machinery within manufacturing plants, obtain materials from a seller to company, identifies places to start a manufacturing plants or processing plants, evaluate the job performance of machine and workers and determines payments.

Industrial Engineers in a company or manufacturing plant focuses on how to get work done efficiently with minimum cost, balancing men, machines and time and achieving the error free set targets. They use computer simulations and graphics, mathematical models, operations researches, statistics and information systems etc to achieve goals in a manufacturing environment with extreme efficiency and accuracy.

Role of an Industrial Engineer

In work environment, an industrial engineer performs following types of activities-

  • Analyzes production schedules, process flows, engineering specifications and other information to understand manufacturing and service methodologies and actions
  • Determines ways and process of manufacturing operations and product delivery with least cost by means of management control systems
  • Works with management and customers to devise design and production standards
  • Understands customers’ requirements about product specifications, management views about production capacity, vendors’ views about purchase and working staff about project status.
  • Designs the location of machines in a factory
  • Designs automated material handling systems for the improvement of parts in a factory
  • Develops reliable and quality management systems to ensure the products do not defects.

Academic Requirements for Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineering taught as undergraduate course in engineering colleges through department of industrial engineering. The program duration is 4 years. Many colleges also offers industrial engineering as Production & Industrial (P&I) Engineering. 5 Years Industrial Engineering is also offered as integrated program, and after successful completion both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree is awarded simultaneously. For admission into industrial engineering program one needs minimum of K-12 level education with physics, chemistry and mathematics. Admission Test is norm for admission in general. Specialization like ME, M.Tech, PhD etc is also offered in industrial engineering for which qualification in industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or a related discipline is required.

Skills require To Be An Industrial Engineer

Listening skills- Being an industrial engineer one needs to be a good listener. An industrial engineer requires gathering information workers, customers and fellow workers while working on a project.

Mathematical Abilities- Industrial Engineers require using advance mathematics for problem solving.

Problem Solving Skills- Industrial Engineering projects comes with many challenge like industrial production, machinery design and safety measures, products processing techniques, environmental and geological challenges. An industrial engineer needs to be a good problem solver so tackle the issues faced during a project.

Team worker- An industrial needs to be a good team worker. Communication skills should be efficient enough so other in the team could follow the instructions provided by you related to a product, project or machinery.

Scope of Industrial Engineering in India

In India Industrial engineers may work with supply chain and also overlook production factors, and safety  concerns. Industrial engineers study how workers perform their jobs, the goal is to reduce the time it takes to perform a certain job and redistribute work so as to require fewer workers for a given task. An industrial engineer can pursue different careers which include the following:

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