Career in Indian Armed Forces

One of the most difficult choices for a teenager to make is that of choosing the right career. The most common career options in India are that of engineer, doctor, lawyer or administrative services. However, a career in the armed forces though not too common yet is one of the best and lucrative careers in India for both young men and women.

Joining the Armed forces or its allied services is indeed a matter of great pride for any Indian. By joining any of the three services (Army, Navy and Air Force) you will not only be responsible to protect and save the country both from inside and outside enemies but offer help in times of natural disasters.

Army life is full of adventure and growth. There is never a dull moment in the life of an army man. Armed forces are also involved in humanitarian jobs like the UN peacekeeping forces. The pay and perks of armed forces are also attractive. The quality of life led by the armed forces is of very high standard.

Indian Army

Get details of career in the Indian Army where one can join either as a permanent officer or in short service commission. Read more to find out the eligibility criteria and entrance exams that one needs to give to join the Indian Army. For details, click here

Indian Navy

As an officer of the Indian Navy you will be safeguarding India’s coast against any infiltration and attacks. Other than the financial benefits, personal growth and immense job satisfaction can make this career extremely rewarding. Read more to find out about the entrance exams and pay and perks of Indian Navy. For details, click here

Indian Air Force

For officers in Indian Air Force sky is not the limit. If you wish to join Indian Air Force, you can either appear for entrance exams conducted by the UPSC or as National Cadet Corps. Read more to find out about the various branches of Indian Air Force and recruitment process. For details, click here

Paramilitary Forces

The Indian paramilitary recruits personnel from time to time under various divisions like the Border Security Force, Central Industrial Security Force and Central Reserve Force. Read more to find out about the admission and recruitment process of these forces.

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