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If you have interest in mathematics and also want to contribute in the health care field then Biostatisticians as career could offer you this opportunity. Biostatisticians are statisticians who apply their skills in health-related fields. Biostatistics is the science of obtaining, analyzing, and interpreting data using statistical theory and methods to address problems in the biological and health sciences.They typically collaborate with other researchers in the health disciplines, designing studies, collecting data, and analyzing datasets in pursuit of answers to specific questions. It involves statistical work in areas of environmental study, agricultural research, and biology. 

Academic Qualification of Biostatistician

Students are eligible to apply for bachelor courses after 12th with Mathematics or Statistics as a compulsory subject. For admissions in master courses you should have a bachelor’s degree in biostatistics from any recognized university. Candidates seeking for admissions in doctoral courses must hold a masters degree like M.Stat, M.Sc in Statistics.

Role of Biostatisticians

  • Help to design research studies and design the statistical sampling technique used in the study.
  • Coordinate the collection of data.
  • Development of new statistical techniques.
  • Collecting data used in research studies.
  • Ensure that research is on a solid statistical footing while improving health and reducing illness

Skills required to be Biostatisticians

  • Critical-thinking skills: Biostatisticians use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.
  • Problem-solving skills: Biostatisticians must develop techniques to overcome problems in data collection and analysis, such as high non response rates, so that they can draw meaningful conclusions.
  • Speaking skills: Because Biostatisticians often work in teams, they must be able to orally communicate statistical information and ideas so that others will understand.
  • Writing skills: Good writing skills are important  because they need to explain technical matters to persons without their level of statistical expertise.

Scope of Biostatistician in India

After completing studies, one can find employment in various fields such as business, industry, agriculture, government, private, computer science, scientific, health sciences & other disciplines. In India, one can also
apply for the Civil Services, Indian Statistical Services & Indian Economic Services exams. Statisticians can work as Business Analyst, Mathematician, Risk Analyst and Data Analyst.

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