Health Educator

If you have good communication skills and wish to to do something for the society, then becoming a health educator might be the career for you. Health educators play an important role in the society related health education programs. They provide information to individuals, groups and communities in order to encourage a healthy lifestyles.

Some of the common issues that health educators have to deal with are  drugs, HIV/STDs, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and  pregnancy.

Who is Health Educator?

Health Educator are people who have  chosen as a career to make individuals, groups or a community  aware about the advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle. They have done specialized courses and training in order to excel in their field and help individual(s), groups leading a contended and a happy life

 Role of Health Educator

The role of a health educator depends upon the the organization they are employed. They may work in health care center(s), schools, colleges, non-profit organizations or public health departments.
Some of the major work responsibilities are:-
  • Collect and analyze data.
  • Prepare reports and make presentations.
  • Handle controversial health issues/content.
  • Write educational material, newsletters, public information reports, and grant proposal.
  • Develop health education programs.
  • Identify resources.
  • Encourage healthy behavior.
  • Develop social marketing and mass media campaigns.

Skills required for becoming a Health Educator

Analytical skills : For analyzing data and other information.

Communication skills: While making presentation and educating people, having good communication skills- vocal or written  is always an asset.

Interpersonal skills: Meeting new people and maintaining contact always helps people in sharing their problem with the health educator.

Trouble shooting skills:  Creative people with good logic and ability to find solutions make good health educators.

Pros and Cons of being a Health Educator

  • Jobs satisfaction
  • Faster than average job growth
  • Higher than average salary potential
  • Several employment options available
  • Variety in daily activities
  • Extended working hours
  • For certain positions- especially senior levels, certification is a must
  • Meeting  new people/doing different kind of work daily  can be challenging

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