Careers in Computer Science

If you have good analytical and problem solving skills and computer is your best friend, then a career in computer science is probably the best one for you. Computer science is not only about designing software or programming. It involves areas of hardware and developing large computer systems which forms the basis of infrastructure of government and commercial establishments. It is therefore a misconception that computer science is all about programming. Though, it is true that a person begins his or her career as a software programmer, many develop their careers in design, coordination, testing, planning and management.

People pursuing a career in computer science should also develop their interpersonal skills. Most career paths in computer science involve people skills and interacting with people. If you are developing software for your company, you are not alone. It is a team effort involving many others. 

A career in computer science is truly a global career with people spreading their wings all over the world. You can find employment in as a Computer and Information Systems Manager, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Software Engineer, Computer Hardware Engineer, and Computer Programmer.

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