Computer Programmers

Computer programmers are code writers for computer software programs; they derive codes that a computer can follow. Debugging the program is one of most essential task in a programming environment to test if a program output gives desired result, if not then programmer check and recheck it to find fault and fix it. Computer programmers work with program developers, engineers and scientists. They also possess capabilities to work as developer or designer. Writing a computer program is as easy as one hour task or as difficult as it may take years. Also small programs can be written by individual programs while larger one may take years for example writing an antivirus program. Now a days computer programmer uses SaaS i.e., Software-as-a-Service which is a cross platform and works well for popular OSes like Windows, Linux and Mac etc. However, a computer programmer who do not uses SaaS but writes on his own requires rewriting programs to work on different systems individually like over an iOS or Linux.

Role of a Computer Programmer

In work a computer programmers performs the following activities-
  • Write computer programs in different computer languages like C++, Java, Python, etc.
  • Modifications on existing programs
  • Works as tester debugging and fixing programming errors
  • Build automatic tools to write codes
  • Uses code libraries of independent lines of code to make a program simple and unique.

Skills Required for Computer Programmers

Academic requirement: To become a computer programmer one needs at least bachelor’s degree like B.Tech in Computer Engingeering or diploma in computing or software engineering. Proficiency in computer languages like C++, JAVA and alike is essential to start working in industry.

Personal Skills Required to be Computer Programmers

Analytical skills- Algorithms and models developed by computer scientists and engineers are highly complex. Computer programmers must require understanding complexities in a project to write computer codes.

Concentration is Key- Computer Programmers require sitting for long hours writing codes, concentration is vital for writing error free codes. 

Patience and Eye for Details- Testing or debugging of computer programs needs high level of patience so as to make a program error free.

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