Database Administrators

Database administrators or DBAs in short are professionals who use software to store and organize data, for example customer records, logistics, stakeholder’s records etc. Data Security is also pure responsibility of DBAs. They also have to make sure data should be available for authorized uses to companies’ staff and associates in the desired format as it requires to be.. Companies’ management gives ideas about data need, data plans and goal of a company besides keeping database to DBAs and expects that they should fulfill the requirements without compromising on individuals’ security for any reason. Data Security is bigger task always for DBAs than maintaining the data itself. These professionals also employed for specific purposes as database architect, system architect, database maintenance engineer etc. Oftentimes they also double up as general database administrator.

Role of Database Administrators

In work environment, Database Administrators or DBAs performs following activities:
  • Identifies need to develop and deploy a database as well as Database system
  • Makes sure that Database will behave in controlled manner as it needed to be
  • Modifies and debug databases when required
  • Remove old database with new while making sure there is always a backup available in case something goes wrong
  • Protection of databases from thieves and hackers and prevent from any misuse.

Skills Required for Database Administrators

Academic requirements: Bachelors degree in computer sciences or an engineering degree in computer engineering or a degree in information sciences is minimum requirement to be successful database administrator. Since the job of DBAs highly associates with managing databases, those with MBA after graduation in computers or information sciences gets fair chances in industry.

Skills required to be an Database Administrators

To be successful in career one needs to possess the following personality traits:

Analytical skill requirements-
Database Administrators must possess sound analytical skills to evaluate the data coming from various sources.

Team Worker- Database Administrators should be a team worker and be ready to work in new environment.

Logical Thinking- Database Administrators should be able to interpret the database and extract meaningful information.

Writing Skills- Database Administrators work in a team with fellow engineers and other coworkers. They should have good writing  which other team workers could fully understand.

Scope of Database Administrators in India

Cyber security has become an important field in India. Securing public data is an integral part of the government as well as private organisations. Therfore demand for database administrators has increased manifold in India. It is they who will find ways to secure and protect electronic information. It will help if they are technically skilled. The IT field also looks for database administrator to keep their information in an organized manner.

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