Bartenders prepare and serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages to customers in bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other establishments and venues. To accomplish this task Bartenders need unique skill set that may make one a celebrity or popular Bartender. Creative in flavor making and masters of craft of mixology in nutshell are skills that can make you successful in this profession.

It is also true that behind many successful and popular restaurants there is bartender who is artistic, creative,professionally talented  and master of mixology. You should be hard working and night owl to be in this profession but to compensate it cons there is a lot earning potential in this profession.

Roles of Bartenders

  • Greet customers, inform them about daily specials, and give them menus
  • Take drink orders from customers
  • Pour wine and serve draft or bottled beer and other alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks
  • Mix drinks according to recipes
  • Check identification of customers to ensure they are of legal drinking age
  • Clean bars, tables, and work areas
  • Operate cash registers, collect payments from customers, and return change
  • Manage bar operation and order and maintain liquor and bar supplies

Skills needed to be a Bartender

Customer-service skills:  Bartenders should have good customer service skills to ensure repeat business, retaining old and attracting new customers.

Decision-making skills:  The legal issues come with serving alcohol thus, bartenders must make good decisions at all times.
People skills: Bartenders should be friendly, tactful, and attentive when dealing with customers. 

Stamina: Bartenders work on their feet for long periods of time. Many lift heavy cases of liquor, beer, or other bar supplies.

Teamwork:  Bartenders often fill drink orders for waiters and waitresses who are serving dining room customers. As a result, bartenders must work well with their colleagues to ensure that customers receive prompt service.

Scope of Bartenders in India

Qualified professional bartenders may find work at licensed establishments like Bars, Resorts, Clubs,Catering firms, Cruise Ships,  Restaurants and Casinos. The career options in the field are varied — ranging from the beverage industry to the hospitality sector. Starting as a bartender in hotels, resorts, restobars, pubs or nightclubs, one can walk up the career ladder to become a bar manager or even corporate bar manager for chain hotels and restaurants.

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