Gaming Services Occupations

If you know the art of indulging customer and make those interactions enjoyable then enter the gaming services occupation. The careers in this field offer you promising future and plethora of opportunities. In India you can choose to work in -casino gaming, state lotteries, and charitable gaming. Gaming workers are required to do shift  work, including nights, weekends and public holidays. The majority of all gaming services workers are employed in casinos. Their duties and titles may vary from one establishment to another. Gaming managers and supervisors direct and oversee the gaming operations and personnel in their assigned area.

Role of Gaming Services Occupation

Interact with customers and ensure that they have a pleasant experience
Monitor customers for suspicious behavior
Inform their supervisor or a security employee of any irregularities they observe
Enforce safety rules and report hazards
Slot supervisors oversee the activities of the slot department.
Gaming dealers operate table games sucah as craps, blackjack, and roulette. They stand or sit behind tables while serving customers. Dealers control the pace and action of the game.
Gaming and sports book writers and runners handle bets on sporting events and take and record bets for customers. Sports book writers and runners also verify tickets and pay out winning tickets. In addition, they help run games such as bingo and keno.

Skills of Gaming Services Occupations

Customer-service skills: All gaming jobs involve a lot of interaction with customers making customer service skills important for all gaming services occupations.

Leadership skills: Gaming managers and supervisors oversee other gaming services workers and must be able to guide them in doing their jobs.

Math skills:  Because they deal with large amounts of money, many casino workers must be good at math.

Organizational skills: Gaming managers and supervisors must be well organized to handle administrative and other tasks required in overseeing gaming services workers.

Patience: All gaming workers have to be able to keep their composure when they handle a customer who becomes upset or breaks a rule.

Speaking skills: Dealers and gaming writers and runners must be able to explain the rules of the game to customers and answer any questions they have. Simple misunderstandings can cost a customer a lot of money and damage the reputation of the casino.

Some reported job titles:

Gaming Supervisors:

Sample of reported job titles: Table Games Supervisor, Floor Supervisor, Casino Shift Manager, Shift Supervisor, Pit Boss, Pit Supervisor, Shift Manager, Slot Shift Manager, Blackjack Supervisor, Casino Floorperson 

Gaming Dealers:

Sample of reported job titles: Table Games Dealer, Dealer, Blackjack Dealer, Black Jack Dealer, Poker Dealer, Casino Dealer, 21 Dealer, Games Dealer, Dual Rate Dealer, Card Dealer 

Gaming Managers:

Sample of reported job titles: Casino Manager, Slot Manager, Gaming Manager, Slot Operations Director, Cage Manager, Floor Manager, Floor Supervisor, Gaming Director, Gaming Manager On Duty (Gaming MOD), Pit Manager

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