Postsecondary Teachers

Do you love the subject you have graduated in or have a doctoral degree and want to share your knowledge with students who are equally keen to learn, and then postsecondary teacher could be a rewarding career option for you. The post secondary teachers instruct the students beyond high school level and are also involved in conducting research and publishing scholarly papers and books.

Role of Postsecondary Teachers

  • Teach courses on a wide variety of subjects
  • Develop a curriculum for their course
  • Plan lessons and assignments
  • Assess students’ progress by grading papers and tests
  • Advise students about which classes to take and how to achieve their goals
  • Stay informed about changes and innovations in their field
  • Conduct research and experiments to advance knowledge in their field
  • Supervise graduate students who are working toward doctoral degrees
  • Publish original research and analysis in books and academic journals
  • Serve on academic and administrative committees      

Skills of Postsecondary Teachers

Communication skills: Postsecondary teachers need good communication skills to write papers, give lectures, and serve on committees. 

Instructional skills: Postsecondary teachers need to present information and need to adapt different learning styles of their students, so they should have fine instructional skills.

Critical-thinking skills: To challenge established theories and beliefs, conduct original research, and design experiments, postsecondary teachers need good critical-thinking skills.

Writing skills: Most professors publish original research and analysis. Consequently, they need to be skilled writers.

Academic Qualification

The minimum qualification for postsecondary teachers is Master's degree and a BEd or preferably MEd. Experience in teaching in higher classes is preferred. 

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