Oath Commissioners

An oath commissioner can administer oaths and take and receive affidavits only for the purpose of court proceedings. Before the beginning of court proceedings, the Oath commissioner takes the oath from the declarant (those who taking the oath). They certify that the oath has been properly administered in his presence. 

Role of the Oath Commissioner

Oath commissioner ensures the identity of the deponent's identity by requesting proof of his identity through any government document.

Ensures that the deponent knows the language in which the affidavit is written. It is the responsibility of the oath commissioner to translate the language and interpret the matter of the affidavit.

Every oath commissioner should maintain three rubber stamps as prescribed by the High court with his name register number and date on it for attesting the affidavits.

Education Qualifications of a Oath Commissioner

After obtaining the LL.B degree one has to enroll as an advocate in any of the State Bar Council to become a practicing advocate. 

Generally practicing advocates with below three years and above two years of experience can apply for the post of an Oath Commissioner. Their annual income should be less than an amount as prescribed by the state district court as from time to time. In some cases, fresh law graduates can also apply for this post. 

If the registrar is satisfied with the application, they may consider and grant a certificate of appointment as Oath commissioner with the approval of the High Court. 

Oath Commissioners are also appointed at the Headquarters of each district and at each station where there is a Subordinate Judge. They may also be appointed at Headquarters of Tehsils where there are no Subordinate Judges. 

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