If you wish to be a George Clooney or a Catherine Zeta-Jones, you need to have not only those killing features but an innate talent to nurture! Acting is not easy as it may appear. It requires years of hard work, dedication and perseverance to bring out that perfect emotion and gesture that will keep the audience enthralled.

Who is an Actor

Actors play different roles and portray characters in television, stage, radio and motion picture. They entertain audience through gestures, hand and body movements, and voice modulation. They interpret the writer’s script to entertain or inform an audience.

Role of an Actor

  • Study scripts and discuss them with directors and producers before accepting the role.
  • Give multiple auditions for various roles.
  • Study the character and the script before portrayal.
  • Attend workshops and rehearsals for the role.
  • Follow director’s instructions for the role.
  • Portray and interpret roles, using speech, gestures, and body movements.
  • Take part in promotional campaigns by giving interviews or attending events related to the movies or plays.

Skills of an Actor

Oratory Skills: Actors, whether stage actors or television and movie actors, should have excellent oratory skills. They should have the right pitch to deliver the lines designed for the character.

Comprehension Skills: An actor should have the ability to read and analyze the script with ease. An actor will not be able to give the best if he or she has not understood the character.

Memorization Ability: An actor and especially stage actors should have excellent memorization powers. Actors are required to memorize long and complex dialogues. Television actors get very little time to memorize scripts.

Creativity: An actor should be innovative while portraying a character. They should be able to interpret the characters’ feelings and motives in the most believable way.

Pros and cons of an Actor

  • Instant fame and possibility of celebrity status.
  • Scope of displaying one’s talent and creativity.
  • High pay especially for established actors.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Awards and recognition worldwide.


  • Hectic and tiring schedule.
  • No private life.
  • One has to be extremely talented to survive in the competitive market.
  • Good pay packet only for senior artists.
  • Be prepared for rejection and failure.
  • Very short-lived career

Scope of Acting in India

Though Bollywood is considered the ultimate goal of all actors, you can start your career in acting by taking up acting assignments on TV channels. These channels are growing in numbers and increasing with mega serials, reality shows, game shows and various music shows. All this brings in a lot of opportunities for upcoming actors to showcase their talent. You can also become a stage artist and take part in theater and drama. There are many institutions offering acting courses all over India.

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