Training and Development Managers

If you have good interpersonal skills and good communication skills then Training and Development Managers could be the right career option for you. These managers ensure employees are professionally trained and help employees learn new skills and develop existing ones. Training and development officers help with the ongoing, long-term improvement of employees' skills, enabling them to fulfill their potential within their organization.

Role of Training and Development Managers

  • Develop, implement, and monitor training programs within an organization.
  • Supervise technical training for staff.
  • Conduct orientation sessions.
  • Create brochures and training materials.
  • Develop multimedia visual aids and presentations.
  • Create testing and evaluation processes.
  • Prepare and implement training budget.
  • Evaluate needs of company and plan training programs accordingly.
  • Teach training methods and skills to instructors and supervisors
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and instructors

Skills of Training and Development Managers

Decision-making Skills: Training and development managers must decide the best training programs to meet the needs of the organization. 
Interpersonal Skills: Training and development managers need strong interpersonal skills because delivering training programs requires collaborating with staff, trainees, subject matter experts, and the organization’s leaders. 
Managerial Skills: Training and development managers must be able to organize, motivate, and instruct those working under them.
Communication Skills:  Speaking skills are essential for training and development managers, who often give presentations and to effectively convey instructions to the staff.

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