Careers in Manufacturing and Production

The fabric that you wear, the cookies that you eat, the purse that you carry or the Power Ranger toy all come from manufacturing and production industry. Can you imagine a world without manufacturing and production industry? Planes would stop flying and you would stop getting your life-saving drugs or your next mobile. Manufacturing and production is the base of all other industries and controls more than half of our lives.

Like media, communications and entertainment and agriculture industries, manufacturing and production too has gone hi-tech. Manufacturing is not only creating products but creating them fast and cheap. The evolution of manufacturing processes and introduction of the latest technologies have opened a wide range of options for people interested to work in this industry.

Though, there are specialized degrees in manufacturing and production, yet most of the people who enter this industry have an engineering background. Job roles are varied in this industry. To know about the career options in manufacturing and production, click on links below:

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