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Manufacturing Engineers

Want to create airplanes, or toys or clothes? Here is one of the interesting career option details that is called Manufacturing engineers.  They create a quality product that meets customer needs in an efficient and safe manner that is cost effective. They may be involved in product planning, providing input into original product design with an eye to what will be required to ultimately manufacture the product. Their expertise in production efficiency is helpful in product design, and packaging planning.  Manufacturing engineers may work in any field that produces goods – from automobiles and boats and airplanes, to electronic products to educational toys, to food and clothing.

Role of Manufacturing Engineers

  • Understands and utilizes knowledge of product design, materials, fabrication processes, tooling, and production equipment capabilities to ensure quality control standards are met.
  • Work closely with Engineering and Operations team to ensure drawings, specifications and engineering documents properly convey engineering intent.
  • Confers with planning and design staff regarding manufacturability of engineering designs and specifications to ensure ability of vendors to deliver quality parts, on time.
  • Estimates production times, vendors, staffing requirements, and related costs to provide information for management decisions.
  • Analyzes and plans workflow for maximum efficiency.
  • Produce parts and assemblies on-time delivery of parts and assemblies that meet quality control standards.
  • Evaluates, develops, and suggests enhancements to vendor manufacturing methods, tooling, and equipment.
  • Applies statistical methods to estimate future manufacturing requirements and potential.
  • Confers with management, engineering, and other staff regarding manufacturing capabilities, production schedules, and to facilitate production.
  • Quality departments to propose the proper disposition of the non-conformity and corrective action plans.

Skills of Manufacturing Engineers

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Must have strong analytical stills and be detail oriented
  • They must work well in team situations
  • Strong maths, science and IT skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • An understanding of the manufacturing process
  • Ability to organize and plan effectively
  • Ability to make quick decisions while under pressure
  • Ability to work to project deadlines

Work Schedules

Manufacturing engineers usually work in teams with others, and may physically spend time in manufacturing facilities, or in an office setting. They often visit manufacturing settings to review the progress of processes, equipment, and projects. Although most manufacturing engineers work approximately 40 hours per week, they often have to work nights and weekends to meet deadlines.

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