Careers in Media, Communications and Entertainment

Do you think you are a creative person? Do you have the knack of weaving a story with words or capturing some stunning moments with the camera or giving visual effects to a set for theater and movies? Regardless of what you are gifted with, media, communications and entertainment careers have loads to offer you.

The media, communications and entertainment industry has experienced sharp growth in the past few decades. Everyday new techniques and tools are being introduced to make communication faster and reliable. Now, you can download a full-length feature film in minutes and send instant mails through the cyberspace. You can watch movies on the go or catch the latest soccer action on your mobiles.

As part of media, communications and entertainment industry, you would be dealing with a wide range of career-paths, all involved with the dissemination of information. As a PR specialist you would be communicating with the public and making them aware of your company’s services and policies while as a reporter or correspondent you would be writing about important issues and happenings around the world. Vast technological advancement has also fostered growth in fields of editing, music composition, graphic designing. 

Scope of Media, Communications and Entertainment in India

With media communication taking up the spotlight in India, there is immense scope for students. The Indian media industry is growing rapidly and creating a place for itself in international markets too. Film, television, advertising and public relations have witnessed a remarkable growth in last few years. Many media houses have come up in India providing opportunities both in the print, digital and video world. In fact, media is one of the most powerful tools to educate people and even bring about behavioral changes. A career in this field offers ample job opportunities and growth. Entertainment industry has only grown from strength to strength in terms of its quality, so much so that it forms a major part of our economy. It has adopted international standards from movies to TV shows, and Radios.  

This section will give you relevant information on all the important careers related to media, communications and entertainment industry. Click below the different options, to understand the role, skills required and job prospects of various career options.

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