An announcer presents music, announces news and reports on any event which can range from politics, to entertainment to sports. However, the role of an announcer is not only limited to the announcing news. Announcers are ‘voice actors’ and they present news, music and scripts in a manner that would engage the audience without having to switch the channel.

Voice over experts also have prospering growth prospects. They give voice to animation movies, movies made for multiple countries and multiple languages. Commercial voice  is much sought after and well paid especially, if you have or develop unique voice. Voice work must be treated as a discipline, a special skill. Just as an actor rehearses through a scene study, a musician through practice, so must a voice performer read out loud everyday to perfect his craft.

Role of an Announcer

  • Announcers read scripts or ad lib commentary.
  • Interview guests or moderate discussions and debates.
  • Announce station programs, weather updates or news.
  • Commentary during sports events or moderator of any talk show.
  • Host live parties and corporate events.
  • Research topics for discussion during shows and sometimes even write scripts.

Skills Required for an Announcer

Oratory Skills: An announcer’s main job is to present a show or music. Conveying the message correctly with perfect nuances is most important.

Comprehension: Understanding written scripts and presenting them with the correct voice modulation is important.

Writing Skills: Announcers need strong writing skills as sometimes they are required to write their own scripts. Good command over the language is essential. 

Listening powers: Along with good speaking skills, one should have excellent listening skills too. Ability to comprehend what people are saying and holding on to the reins of the discussion are important.

General Awareness: An announcer should be aware of the latest happenings around him/her. Knowledge of theater, sports, music, business, politics, and other subjects improves one's chances for success.

Communication Skills: Ability to communicate with people from all strata and having them engage in meaning conversation, discussions and debates is essential. Good public relation and interpersonal skills are necessary.

Computers and Electronics: Though not an essential prerequisite but knowledge of computer, electronic equipments, processors, circuit boards and computer applications is desirable. However, one can learn to handle the equipment while on the job.

Pros and Cons of Being an Announcer

  • Opportunity to interact with a wide audience.
  • Engage in meaningful debates interview important guests and celebrities.
  • Forge a special bonding with the listeners.
  • Well paid job especially for DJs and talk show hosts.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Long working hours especially for public system announcers.
  • Involves a lot of traveling especially for announcers who do live shows.
  • No fixed working hours.

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