Producer and Director

Producers and directors produce or direct motion pictures, stage, television, radio or video shows. The shows or the movies that you see on stage or on screen are products of the directors and producers. The job of a director and producer starts primarily after receiving the script. They go through the script in detail and then finalize on the crew including actors and technicians.

Skills of a Producer      Skills of a Director

Who is a Producer?

Producers invest money on the project. They take all the important financial and business decisions involved in the production. They hire the director and the crew for the project. Many producers also play a crucial part in the selection of the actors. They ensure that the movie gets completed on time and are responsible for the smooth functioning of the show.

Who is a Director?

All creative decisions are taken by the director. They select the cast and crew and conduct workshops for all. They work intensively with the actors and all other technicians like music directors, editors and sound engineers to make the picture a successful one.

Types of Director:

  • Stage Director
  • Program Director
  • Technical Director

Role of a Producer and Director

  • Go through a number of scripts before finalizing.
  • Take multiple auditions to select actors.
  • Make changes or additions to the script.
  • Decide on the budget including production and post production costs.
  • Ensure that the production is on schedule.
  • Ensure safety measures of all the crew members.
  • Select location or create sets necessary for the show.

Skills of a Producer

Business Skills: Producers should have good business skills to understand what sells in the market and what will not be accepted by the audience. Since, it is the producers who make financial investments; they should have good business acumen to judge the viability of a project.

Communication Skills: Producers deal with various people. They should have good communication skills to handle celebrities and technicians at all levels.

Management Skills: Producers are involved in meticulous planning and coordination of people and resources. They should be able to take quick administrative decisions.

Problem Solving Skills: Producers should be quick to handle any emergency during the production or post production process. The ability to spot the problem or impending problem and take immediate corrective measure is part of a producer’s job.

Skills of a Director

Creativity: A director should be able to visualize the entire concept and guide the actors around that. Knowledge of techniques required for composing, producing, and performing works of music, dance, visual arts, drama, and sculpture is essential.

Communication and Media: Knowledge of different communication techniques and media production is important for directors.

Leadership Skills: A director instructs actors and technicians and helps them deliver the best.

Time Management: A director should be excellent at time management. Directors should be able to manage their as well as time of others, so that the production remains on schedule.

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