Public Relation Specialists

As the name suggests, public relations managers or specialists promote or create public image for their clients who could be individuals, organizations or groups. Public relations specialists are also known as communication or media specialists. All forms of communication, verbal such as being the spokesperson and written, such as writing press releases and placing adverts, are also part of the public relations profile.

Public relations officers reach their target audience through several communication techniques. Public relations manager create a favorable public image of their clients by writing press releases, raising funds, and planning public relations and advertising programs.

Role of a Public Relations Officer (PR Officer)

  • Handle an organization’s communication with the public, including investors, consumers, reporters, and other media specialists.
  • In a government organization, public relations officers, keep the public informed about the latest activities and policies of the government.
  • Draft press releases and liaison with people in both print and broadcast media.
  • Identify the target audience and develop communication strategies accordingly.
  • Maintain and develop an organization’s image and identity.
  • Address all communication issues of their clients.
  • Develop public relations materials to boost an organization’s image and identity.

Skills Required for Public Relations Specialist

Communication and Media: The main job of a public relations manager or specialist is to develop and maintain communication strategies for their clients. A PR specialist should therefore have strong knowledge of the latest communication technologies and strategies.

Critical Thinking: A PR manager should have a critical and analytical bent of mind. S/he should be able to use logic and understanding on deciding upon the right public relations strategy.

Sales and Marketing: Knowledge of principles and methods for promoting, and selling products or services is essential. This includes marketing tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and sales control systems. 

Liaison Skills:  A PR specialist should be able to use and nurture contacts with the media and people of the concerned media.

Pros and Cons of a Public Relations Officer


  • This career has great potential as it is a relatively new profession when compared to other media related careers like reporter, director or editor.
  • Constant interaction with the media and other people will not allow you to get bored.
  • It is a well-paid job.
  • You can use your creativity and language skills while writing press releases or developing advertising strategies for your client.
  • It is an analytical job where you can use your business skills to develop brands and PR campaigns.

  • One has to follow strict deadlines and erratic working hours.
  • PR practitioners work with heavy information and should be extra careful while handling information of the client and treat it as extremely private.
  • Constantly keep updated about the latest communication strategies and techniques.
  • It is an extremely competitive career.
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