Careers in Psychology

Have you ever thought of being a psychologist? How does an idea of treating a depressed person with the help of music sound to you? Have you ever heard of art therapy for children? If all this sounds interesting to you, then consider a career in psychology.

People are often of the opinion that becoming a psychologist is the only choice among students who study psychology. Armed with a psychology degree, you can opt for a variety of career options outside of therapy and mental health.

Students can opt for experimental and applied psychology and conduct research on a variety of topics. Areas of specialization include child development, the aging process, social behavior or cognitive psychology. They can find employment in colleges, universities, research centers and government and non-government organizations. 

Scope of Psychology in India

Many companies seek Psychologists for recruitment, training, talent management, and learning and development. Research analysts studying consumer behavior and market trends are also sought by market research companies and even NGOs. One can pursue a career in journalism, public relations and advertising too. A specialization in forensic psychology can get jobs in police departments and crime branches. Further specialization in child and women welfare, educational needs and criminal behavior can be obtained. There is a lot of scope to pursue career in academics as a researcher, school teacher and assistant professor. After post-graduation in Psychology one can pursue B. Ed. and work as a PGT Psychology or clear the National Eligibility Test (NET) which is held every six months for eligibility as an assistant professor by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

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