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Sports Photographer

Sports photographers capture photos during sporting events. Sports photographers can work as freelancers and sell their work to magazines and newspapers.As a sports photographer you will be in the middle of the action, capturing photographic images of different sporting events. Sports photographers must be able to move and adjust their cameras quickly to focus and capture high quality images of the action. They also adjust for natural lighting at outdoor events and artificial light inside stadiums, arenas and gyms. 

Education Qualification for Sports Photographer

Some sports photographers enter the profession with a bachelor's degree in photography or journalism, while others go through a 1-year intensive certificate program that focuses on the craft of photography. Some obtain an associate's degree to learn the technical skills and business knowledge necessary to start work as a photographer.

Most degree and certificate programs provide coursework about using both film and digital cameras, including lab experience in dark rooms and working with photo manipulation software. Other classes cover lighting, color choice, subject positioning and use of technical equipment. Longer programs tend to include classes on the history of photography, as well as instruction on business practices within the industry.

Skills for Sports Photographer

Knowledge of lighting, positioning and camera technique; photo editing expertise; maintain a dynamic photographic portfolio are some of the important skills for sports photographer.

Scope of Sports Photographer in India

Sports photographers can work as independent freelancers. They can take assignments for each tournament and then sell or share images with different media houses. Some are employed full time with newspapers or sports magazines in India. These days even online sites have specific sports photographers. Sports photographers who also work as journalists, known as photojournalists, write articles to complement their pictures.

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