Careers in Transportation and Distribution

Imagine a day when you do not get your newspaper on time, or fresh vegetables and fruits aren’t available in the market, or you do not get important components for your damaged car. We shudder at the very thought of it. The industry that makes our daily life simple and hassle free is transportation and distribution.

If you are wondering transportation, is just about transporting goods from one place to another, then you are mistaken. The transportation and distribution industry is huge. It employs hundreds and thousands of people involved in transportation operations, logistics planning and management services, warehouse and distribution center operations, sales and service, risk management, and infrastructure planning and management.

The transportation industry comprises everything from trains, to buses, to ships, to planes. Goods are transported around the globe through rail and track network, shipping companies and airlines network. The work involves loading containers, fueling containers, charting safe and shortest possible routes, and maintaining the logistics of the trip. Our lives would come to a standstill without the smooth functioning of transport and distribution department. The industry might not entail glamor, but economies would disintegrate without it.

The careers that transportation and distribution department encompasses include:

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