Consortium of NLUs~National Law Universities

The Consortium of NLUs (National Law Universities) is apex body to standardize legal education and practices. The General Body Members and Executive Committee Members of consortium are legal professionals and come from NLUs. The consortium has the purpose to:
  • establish very standard of legal education in India which should be exemplary in the world.
  • bring reforms in legal education to meet the needs of changing times.
  • provide a bridge of coordination between NLUs and legal institutions in the country.
  • offer advice to law schools and teachers
  • administer CLAT for admission to UG/PG law programmes offered by NLUs
  • help in appointment of law educators in NLUs and other institutions and develop an environment for research and publications in law.
  • work as a common forum for legal academicians and legal professionals.
  • help in faculty exchange between NLUs and foreign law schools.
  • help NLUs in financial matters
  • promote clinical legal education
  • bring new courses in different areas including Law of the Sea, Maritime Laws, Marine Insurance, Air and Space Law, Atomic Energy Laws, Security Laws, Laws on Terrorism, International Business Laws, Investment Laws, Displacement and the Laws, WTO and GATS, Laws on Minerals and Mines, International Economic Laws, Competition Laws, Comparative Federalism, Comparative Constitutional Laws, Diversity Law, Religion & Law, Sentencing, Cyber Forensics, Global Administrative Law, Global Rule of Law, Comparative Environmental Laws, Energy Laws, EU Laws, etc., or in any other subject of law and allied disciplineat the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • promote inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach in legal education.
  • facilitate for research and international collaboration.
Following given list of National Law Universities (NLUs) under Consortium of NLUs. These law schools are autonomous institutions. To know in detail about a law school click on the relevant link
The Consortium of NLUs is administering authority for CLAT~Common Law Admission Test

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