Education and Work Opportunities with Indian Armed Forces

There find three kind of people on earth; One:  Who struggles for the self; Two: Who struggles for the family and Three: Who struggles for protection of motherland. These 3rd variety of men and women are called Military Personnel. They go beyond the comfort zone and proves that they are the fittest to survive in any conditions.  Be it questions of climbing tough terrain, staying at minus 35 degree Celsius in Siaychen or surviving without water at 50 degree Celsius; they do it all. They protect, land, water and skies holding National Flag high in one hand and life in other hand.  They can give away life for the Glory of National Flag.

‘I will wear that uniform’ is the dream of every child. To be true every child has talent to become that one person. But those who truly get the chance to go for systematic training are the very few. To catch the heroes early, the Government of India under Ministry of Defence (MoD) runs various training schools. Here you taught academics together with life skills. Discipline is the top priority at any Defence Training School. How to stay disciplined is the Mantra here. Once you join a training academy and pass out, you are not any more just another person. But you are a well disciplined human being with employable skills who is ready to make a difference to human society.

Defence Training Schools open gates to prospective students as early as when they are ready to Join Class 6. Next you can join an army school after completion of Class 12 or a College Degree. This is not all; Indian Army also gives training and work opportunities to people with Higher Degree and also to those who don’t have sufficient education. The rank to which you will be appointed depends on what qualification and expertise you have.

The Indian Armed Forces has 4 Service Branches: Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard. Further the Indian Armed Forces are also supported by Paramilitary organizations, Inter-Service Commands and Institutions.

The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces.
Currently, Indian Armed Forces has 1.4 million active personnel. It’s the second largest army of the world. Some of the major operations carried out by Indian Armed Forces are
  • Indo-Pakistani wars of 1947, 1965 and 1971
  • Portuguese-Indian War
  • Sino-Indian War
  • 1967 Chola incident
  • 1987 Sino-Indian skirmish
  • Kargil War
  • Siachen conflict
That is not all; the men and women of Indian Armed Forces always stand with people whenever there arise a need for help. The Indian Armed Forces celebrates 7 December as Armed Forces Flag Day.
For the smooth functioning of Indian Armed Forces training is provided to eligible men and women on continuous basis. There are many ways to join Indian Armed Forces, complete a course and work with pride. Recruitment opportunities normally happens in two brackets
  • Permanent Commission (PC): The service period is life long till you retire.
  • Short Service Commission (SSC): The service period is short term (few ears); post retirement you can apply for a suitable job. preference is given.
Recruitment in Paramilitary Forces follows directives from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of Government of India.

To study and work under any arm of Indian Armed Forces you need to qualify in admission test. Normally its two stage procedure; written test and SSB Interview. Also you need a very strong level of mental and physical health. The pay and perks offered to Indian Army Personnel are comparable. Allowance like TA, DA, Housing, Medical Facilities and Facilities to dependents are provided. And top to all this you get a very high level of respect in society.

To help prospective candidates willing to join Indian Armed Forces our team of researches has created this guide.  To know more details about Courses, Training Academies and Job Opportunities click below on the link of your interest

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