Armed Forces Training Academies

Strength respect strength- Sir APJ Abdul Kalam (Teacher, Scientist, Former President of India and The Saint)

The Armed Forces are pride of the nation. They are the heroes who never say no for the services of the motherland. Whether its time of War and Peace or Natural Disaster, or keeping the country safe, the armed forces are always consulted by the government. The success of any government largely depends on how much it takes care for the development of the country. Armed Forces makes one piller of that development process.
History is witness to the success of armed forces, whether it was First Struggle for Independence, Quit India Movement  or the Operation Vijaya, the footprints of heroes are non-erasable from the book of history.
Every human is biologically designed to protect the self, family and society. But those who take it to the next level are called military personnels. These personals receives training in military academies based across the length and breadth of the country.
There are many ways to join Indian Armed Forces. Armed Forces Academies are establishment of government for the training of men of women for protection of national interests. These schools comes under the administration of Ministry of Defence (MoD).  The young men and women filled with courage and commitment to protect motherland often have a question, where to learn military skills?
Here is the answer!

List of Military Training Academies in India     

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