Doctoral Education in India

Who does not like to have a Dr prefixed before his or her name. No, this 'Dr' is not the physician whom we go to for treatment and curing of diseases. This is the Dr that is earned after years of research, dedication and studying on a particular and a very specialised area. It is not by any means an easy task as  the number of years a PhD takes to be completed, going through hundreds of books in a library and writing a thesis bogs down most of our enthusiasm for a doctorate.

Career Prospects of a PhD and Doctorate Program

A student who is highly academic and has a good academic record can opt for doctoral program. He or she can be from any stream as a doctorate program can be earned in any stream. Of course, the first reason would be that it is the highest level of an academic degree one can pursue in India and most other nations. Though mostly academic oriented individuals opt for PhD, yet an engineer and doctor opt for a PhD program these days.With the boom in the medical and IT sector in the country, a number of pharmaceutical and IT companies are now investing heavily in R&D functions. Doctoral graduates in other fields such as humanities are in demand in NGOs and research firms. A PhD students is preferred by employers as develop strong analytical skills and independent thinking that allows them to investigate important and complex problems. 

PhD Progarms

A student who is interested in academics and have completed postgraduate studies can apply for PhD programs. Usually there are entrance exams and interview screening for selecting the right candidate for the program. One must qualify UGC-NET for fellowship needed to complete the PhD program. Choosing a good mentor or guide for your PhD is the most crucial factor in the successful outcome and timely completion of your thesis. Make sure your guide is equally passionate and well-versed in the topic you choose to research upon. 

The coursework component of your PhD will usually be completed in your first year, after which you will have to prepare a synopsis of your project. In addition to completing your thesis itself, you will probably be expected to have produced one peer-reviewed publication before your doctorate can be awarded.

It is a myth among students and even among parents that if a student is good in studies then humanities should not be his or her cup of tea. Well it is a misconception and it should be cleared now. Infact many students realize their mistake of taking up science and commerce at a very later stage in their lives. Had they opted for humanities soon after Class 10, their future would have been brighter than before. There are variety of subjects and a sea of opportunities for humanities students. One just have to find the right subject combination to succeed. Humanities give you uncertainty, doubt and skepticism and they make you question absolutely anything, even science. They undermine and question the claims of all authorities, whether political, religious or scientific.

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