Pre Matric Scholarship

The Pre – Matric Scholarship is a national level minority scholarship scheme meant for the meritorious minority students. This is a wholly centrally-funded scholarship scheme which is administered by the State/ UT government. Hence, each State/ UT lays their own procedure for the administration of the Pre – Matric Scholarship Programme.

The main objective about this scholarship is to promote education among the minority students includes Pre –Matric Scholarship scheme. It aims at increasing the school enrollment ratio of boys and girls of the minority community students by providing them the financial support for education. It is expected that if a student will complete his/her Matric education, he/ she is likely to continue their education further or find a better job. The Government of India also provides the Post-Matric scholarship to support students for pursuing higher education. Under this scholarship scheme, the beneficiary students get admission fee, tuition fee and maintenance allowance for 10 months annually. The scholarship is given for the complete duration of the studies.

Minority Communities Covered Under the Pre-Matric Scholarship are Muslim, Parsi, Christian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist and Jain notified under the National Minority Act 1992. The scholarship is extended all over India. Students belonging to the minority community residing in any State/ UT (Union Territory) are eligible to avail benefits under this scholarship scheme. The distribution of the scholarship among all states is made on the basis of the ratio of the minority population in the particular State/ UT.

Reservation for Minority Girls
There is reservation of 30% of the total number of the scholarship for the minority girl students. However, if the numbers of the girl applicants are lesser than the total allocated number of the scholarships then the scholarships will be transferred to the minority boy applicants.

Benefits of the Pre- Matric Scholarship

For students from Class 1 to Class 5 –
Maintenance Allowance
Hostellers – The hostellers do not receive any maintenance allowance.
Day Scholars – They get 100 per month annually.

For students from Class 6 to Class 10 –
Admission Fee – They receive 500 or the actual fee.
Tuition Fee – They receive 350 or the actual fee.
Day Scholars
Admission Fee – They receive 500 or the actual fee.
Tuition Fee – They receive 350 or the actual fee.
Maintenance Allowance
Hostellers – They get 600 on the monthly basis.
Day Scholars – They get 100 on the monthly basis.

The admission –fee and tuition-fee will be credited into the bank account of the school/ administration account for the beneficiary students. The maintenance allowances will be sent directly to the bank account of the beneficiary student.

It is the responsibility of every State/ UT government to keep the detailed record of the beneficiary students and the procedure followed by them for giving scholarships to the students. It is subject to be cross-checked or inspected by the Central government.

The Central government has the discretionary power to amend any procedure or law related to this scholarship programme. It is instructed to every State/ UT government to update all record relating to the Pre- Matric Scholarship on their official website.

Post- Matric Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates studying in any government or private school/ institutions are eligible for obtaining the Pre – Matric scholarship. Even the government residential schools/ institutions are also covered under this scholarship scheme.
  2. The applicant should have a minimum aggregate score of 50% marks in the previous exam.
  3. The annual family income (including all sources) of the applicant should not exceed 1.00 lakh rupees.
  4. The total numbers of the Pre- Matric scholarships are limited. Hence, the chances of the renewal of the scholarships are limited. Applicants should apply before the last date of the application.
  5. The applicant should score 50% aggregate marks in the annual exam to continue to avail benefits under this scholarship scheme.
  6. In case, the applicant happens to be a meritorious student but due to any unavoidable circumstances was unable to score minimum marks, then it should be certified by the Principal/Head of the school.
  7. Maximum two students of a family can avail the Pre – Matric scholarship.
  8. The applicant should be a regular student with a good attendance record.
  9. The student should get transferred from one school to another, during the course of the academic year.
  10. The applicant should not be availing any other scholarship.
  11.  He/ she should not violate any code of the school discipline.

Pre – Matric Scholarship Application Process

Interested minority students can apply for the Pre –Matric scholarship scheme online provided the concerned State/ UT government has computerized the application procedure.

Students should submit their Pre – Matric scholarship applications along with the scanned copies of the requisite documents before the last date of the application.

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