Educational Apps for High School Students

Byju's: Byju's e-learning app is an useful app for students from middle school onwards for science and maths, the concepts are explained with the help of videos and assessments and exercises are are after every topic. More than 1000 hours of engaging videos on all topics are offered by Byju's.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy app is a free app that assembles tutorials along with instructional videos on mathematics, science, history, civics and finance. There are more than 4,200 video lessons accessible to students via iOS. Videos can be streamed as well as downloaded for offline access. An app to download right away!

iTunes U: iTunes U is Apple's online course repository with over 750,000 free courses, lectures, videos, iBooks, etc. The content covers a broad range of topics covering the humanities/arts, science and mathematics. The app also enables pupils to check off their assignments when they are finished. Valuable app, help to learn anywhere, anytime!

SAT Vocab by MindSnacks: If you’re preparing for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT or PSAT, then SAT Vocab is the app for you. It is a game-based app that helps to improve and expand your lexis for the standardized test using multimedia tactics. It merges the images and audio in a series of mini-games that'll make memorization easy and pleasurable. Perfect for learning!

StudyBlue: StudyBlue is a flashcard tool which offers instant mobile access to notes, study guides, quizzes and flashcards. With this app, students as well as teachers can make their own flashcard and study sets on any subject, add images and audio to the sets, and personalize the sets with the formatting features available. There are more than 250 million students-authored flashcards, study guides inbuilt and accessible to students and teachers.

Calendars 5 by Readdle: Calendars 5 by Readdle is one such app that helps students to organize their homework, maintain daily schedule as well as their extra-curriculars. The Calendar and tasks are integrated in a single app. Also, encompasses natural language input, a built-in task and offline operations manager.

Studious: Studious lets you organize your class schedules and homework or project deadlines and even save study notes, text and pictures with ease. In case your pen runs out of ink, this app is there to help you out!  Also, this app lets you to program your cell phone automatically to silent or vibrate mode during class hours. Perfect app to keep your high school life organized and on track! This app is free of cost.

Chemical Touch: Through the Chemical Touch app students studying Chemistry, this app is useful for them. It provides the full periodic table of elements and much other information.  Simple, yet so inventive!

Graphing Calculator: Graphic Calculator app- a right choice for students who opted for a math class. Rather than spending a huge amount on buying a graphic calc, it is more beneficial to take it in an app form. All the features are present in it. You can even take screenshots, email the graphs, display on a projector, and more. Students, pick this one up!

Math Tricks: Learn, Practice and play-all in one app! Math Tricks app help solve basic mathematical problems faster. There are many tips and tricks provided by this app that will help you increase your score on standardized tests. Tricks that will astonish others by your math skills.

Pocket Mathematics: This Pocket Mathematics app includes all the mathematical formulas, from elementary schools math all the way up to algebra, calculus and statistics. Superb companion for math and physics!

Coursera: Coursera allows watching and downloading the class video on the go. This app offers over 600 courses in different languages spanning a broad range of subjects from music to medicine. Great app connecting pupils and professional, across the world!

My Open Courses: This app provides over 11000 hours of free online curriculum-based videos on Management, Engineering and other courses and can be easily watched on a mobile, tablet, or desktop. Once you are inside this app, knowledge is at your doorstep!

Udemy: Udemy provides huge collection of online trainings, tutorials and courses, covering a variety of topics, such as marketing, programming, design, entrepreneurship, photography, yoga, salsa, and many more. Starting a new career can be challenging, but with Udemy app, it’s easy!

Learn World History: This is best app for the History aficionado. Just one click, and you get to learn about history, right from the beginning of civilization.  This app includes seemingly endless list of historical dates and events, quizzes related to three distinct subject areas: Science and Exploration, Warfare and Politics, and Arts and Culture.

General Knowledge: General Knowledge app is a boon as it can be considered for all students and professionals preparing for competitive examinations. It encompasses short study notes and MCQs on a broad scope of topics, and comes with quizzes and self study options. A perfect compilation of Indian and world news and events.

Star Chart: This star chart app helps to explore the night sky. Lets you know about the star patterns, location, sky for several cities around the globe and more by just pointing your device at the sky. Oh, look at the stars! This app uses GPS technology and other high tech functionality, thereby providing a clear image.

IQ Test Preparation: This IQ app encompasses several questions covering around 9 different topics. Lets you to test you IQ and expand your knowledge base. Provides numerous contents for the preparation of analytical, logical and mental ability tests and tips and tricks to solve the problems easily. Boost the brains!

LibriVox: Having trouble reading a book, this app makes it a lot easier. This LibriVox app encompasses a collection of over 15000 audio books from classics to best sellers, which can be watched online or downloaded. You can browse the books by authors, genre, title, best sellers, and so on. Once downloaded, you simply can’t put it down!

Wattpad: This Wattpad offers you access to an ever growing e-library, with over 20 million free stories and e-books. Lets you to discover and share stories, chat with your favorite authors, comment and more. Best app for students who love to read. Some stories could stay with you forever!

ColorNote Notepad Notes: This ColorNotepad app helps the high schoolers to take notes in class, daily schedules, shopping lists, and so on. Notes are password protected and can be organized by colour. Quick and easy access with synch. A widget must for every high school pupil!

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