Educational Apps for Higher Education

Are you getting inundated simply thinking about going in for Higher Education? Between more advanced homework, assignments, different processes, regulations and possibly being in a whole new location or surroundings there can be a lot to adjust to. Below are the few educational apps that will help make your transition easier-

Campus Special: An campus special app that helps find local spots and discounts around your place and the campus. Tons of good deals, pick this one up Students!

RescueTime: This app tracks time spent on email, social media channels and other websites, and pinpoints major distractions. Students can make use of this to make sure they are utilizing their time productively.

RefMe: This RefME app allows students to scan the bar code on books or journals and copy-paste a URL to get citations, reference links or bibliographies, thereby making their writing work easy. Keep an eye out for this app!

Pocket Budget: This pocket budget app manages you money. Allows students to keep track of their expenses thereby helping them to make sure that they aren’t over spending and the areas to improve on. A must have!

Work Organizer: As a student, you have tons of classes and assignments to keep up with, and you might not want to depend only on your memory. With Work Organizer, you can keep track of your homework, prioritize your assignments and mark their status as in progress, complete, or not started.

MyMajors: An app that helps you to choose the college major and connects you with colleges and universities. It has a quiz that is designed to show you what careers could be perfect for you. Pick a Major with MyMajors!

BenchPrep: BenchPrep is an interactive course library with all the graduate and professional examination study material. Encompasses several practice questions,nearly 600 study lessons, flashcards, and in-app purchases. Go ahead and pick your poison!

Engineering : Engineering app that contains over 650 chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, hydrology and mechanical formulas.

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