Entrance Exams for Architecture Admission Diploma/UG/PG

Want to be next Laurie Baker? There are few only whose names are written over the black stones of those monuments. Be it hanging gardens or hanging bridges or those Topsy-turvy roads to Ooty, a scale is always precisely bent by an architect to make that near undo-able task possible. To become an architect you need passion for designs and deeper understanding of logic. 

A qualification in architecture opens floodgates of global opportunities. You can chose to work for government agencies or private sector organizations. Also you can work as consulting architect and fix your own service prices. This is one of the most respected professions.

You can study a programme in Architecture at Under Graduate or Post Graduate level; diploma, degree, post graduate degree or research, opportunities are limitless. 

To join study programme in Architecture at a Polytechnics College, Engineering College, University Department, Architecture School or Institutes of Higher Education you need to appear for entrance test. Here given exclusive details about Entrance Examinations for Admission to Architecture Programmes.
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